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oh my oh my :(

salam and hi~

I went to a private hospital to see the orthopedics for knee check up. The Dr found that there is something wrong with my knee cap on the right leg, and said ‘Nih dah kasaq ni lutut ni‘.. hurmm.. so? I went for an x-ray and.. got a bad and sad result. He said that there is a chronic friction between my knee cap (the patella) and the groove in the femur. This can also be called ‘Chondromalacia patella‘, and it is quite common among female. Taken from this website; Chondromalacia patella is a common cause of kneecap pain or anterior knee pain. Often called “Runner’s Knee,” this condition often affects young, otherwise healthy athletes.

The Dr said this would probably be permanent, and if it worse, i might need surgery. At the moment, it is still okay, I just need to slow down doing any physical activity that involves knee. what???  this really make me feel down and sad. Yep, I cant run or  bike as much as I did before, the best is to stop running??? I can still run but need to wear knee guard all the time and if I can feel strong pain, I have to take a rest for a while and then can continue running/cycling back again when it is better.. and there it goes.. run/cycle and rest, and then get active back again, and then rest..and then active and then rest… daa daa daa..


The best for me is to SWIM, in order to keep me active and .. fit?

The physical therapy program is necessary, which is part of my treatment. This is by emphasize on the strengthening and flexibility of the quadriceps and hamstring muscle groups.

Well… im a bit frustrated, sad and disappointed. Hmm.. wondering whether I still can run the middle distance running or maybe marathon one day? To become a marathoner is my dream.. and it seems like impossible now? I dont need to focus  on swimming, perhaps? But swimming is time consuming lah..huhu

This is what happened to my knee :

oh my oh my.. oh my knee~


  1. aih, active sgt pun x buleh walopon muda? tsk tsk tsk.. kesiannya kat Huserk.

    dahla, rilek2 la dulu, jgn main lasak2 sangat. satgi tekeluaq kepala lutut .. huhu.. gurau je 😛

  2. aik yer ke? tapi memang laa kalau sakit2 joints the only thing they suggest is swimming…which is hard to achieve coz time consuming and bukannya ada pool dpn rumah haaaaa..end up teros tak exercise…..

  3. jojoeali

    Babe.. siannya ang..

    Hmm, this may sound mengong, but takdak ka traditional practice yg leh tolong – urut ka, apa ka? Well.. at least, we try kan?

    And if it really IS common, mesti ada solution kan? And the surgery – mahal and berguna tak? If it is, I second that you consider going for that.

    Apapun – keep activating bebeh…

  4. huserk

    Edotz: huuu sedey woo utk org yg buas mcm huserk ni..yg xreti nak dok diam.. jd hilang arah xble nak besukan sgt dah..hahhh

    ijannina@makchu: dah try swim kat nz mmg time consuming jugak ha, nak salin baju ha, shower balik nak mandi, nak kena p pool plak tu.. kalau lari ka beskel ka anytime, anywhere bole kan.. huwaa

    jojo: surgery kalau patella aku dah haus teruk, tu pun xjamin 100% recovery ha, aku akan try sukan buat crosstraining kat gyk je kot, tp still guna lutut gak. ntah la.. xbeshh la xble ektiv2 sgt nih ha.

    anyway, thanks everyone for ur support and care.

  5. zarina

    takpa jgn sedih2, semua berlaku ada hikmahNya, be strong, i’m sure u can pull it thru like u always do! ^_^

  6. wahhh.. prayers for u to have a speedy recovery.

  7. mich

    i have the same prob too…:( lepas stop exercise..terus gain weight..:(

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