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I have stop running for a while and try to reduce any outdoor/physical activities. but… the pain on my knee seems like getting worse? I don’t really feel any good improvement although i have been doing some therapies since last year. WHY?

Maybe… i should just continue running? then see how does it feel.. who knows it can be better since doing exercise can reduce the inflammation around my knee? of course together with good nutrition. but i cant help myself to stop eating tiramisu that i made by myself.. WHY? hahaaa.

i really wish i can run during this lovely summer in NZ! arrghhhhhh

btw, my mom n dad is coming! yeaaaaaa πŸ˜€

some latest photos:

Sent my bike to the greenbike house to repair my sizuka

somewhere in front of my house with girlfriends:

walkaway somewhere behind my house area:

im glad i’m able to stay in this beautiful summerhill area in a very nice homey n cozy house, with not-so-expensive rent. andΒ  of course with a very nice housemate Afsana (not in the photos above). She is from bangladesh and im luckly to have her and taste her cook (Bangladeshi dishes). heeeheee thanks dear. again, cant wait for my mom n dad to arrive here (there are now just fly from kl and will transit in brunei and will arrive nz soooooon)

and i really miss all my loves in malaysia…


  1. cucu ngah embun

    sampaikan salam buat tok cik sukri dan tok cik jah. =D

    • huserk

      tokcik pun kirim salam balik πŸ™‚

  2. huserk

    baikkk insyaAllah πŸ™‚

  3. naik flight ape ek brunei punye ke?

    • huserk

      a ah brunei airline,dpt harga around 1500nzd return/person. so apa g makcu.. dtg la bawa rombngan ampang.nanti kita bawa ashman p farm πŸ™‚

  4. Igtkan RM1500 hehe…

  5. Dulu dok berulang pi SP ja no.. sekarang kene up sikit la.. haha.. πŸ™‚

  6. 'zarina' jugak nih


  7. munie

    kami pon rinduuu πŸ˜€

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