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Knowledge is powerful ~ ~ Experience is meaningful ~ ~ So,Cherish every moment! ~ ~

Love NZ~

splendid holiday with my parents..NZ is very beautiful.. but Sabah is still in my heart.. permanently 🙂  photos coming soooon~ (or maybe u can see the whole photos in my Facebook?)

looking forward to hiking in the Ruahinie forest park this weekend.. Im into tramping now (well I cant run, so I walk in the forest) heee

now: so windy out there and I couldn’t sleep properly.. hope for a nice sunny weather tomorrow, I want to swim lah~


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  1. Husna, Thanks from ayah and mak for a wonderful two weeks retreat in Aoteoroa South and North. You know what, I’m just back from a trip to Jeli, Kelantan. The journey between Baling and Grik is quite similar to the scenery in NZ — hilly, mountainous, green and not much traffic. It’s quite refreshing … and very beautiful. Now I can appreciate nature more. The next time I take that route, I will stop in several spots to take beautiful pictures … as beautiful as those in Aoteoroa.

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