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Monthly Archives: March, 2010

my precious

family is precious… Thanks to mak n ayah n the whole family for the unspeakable love and always being there for me.. same goes to along family… I am so glad to be around all those loving people and being love by all of you.. I just miss all my precious in Malaysia.. and kat …

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everything at my fingertips?

salam n hello to all.. ahaa.. is someone of you are waiting for my report bout white water rafting? or maybe bout BLACK water rafting? haha Yeppp! I did adventures caving last weekend=black water rafting+abseiling (11 storey building high)+flying fox+jumping into the stream (5-7m high)+rock climbing at the waterfall in the cave+hiking in the cave! …

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forest and bird

This is the second walking trip with the Forest & Bird Organisation, walking to the Manawatu Head Waters. It is situated in the Ruahinies ranges, inland from Norsewood. We started our track by crossing the main stream, and the water was so freezing cold. At the stream area, the guides caught some insects, aqua living …

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I do what I want when I want

Yeahh.. i really do.. just do what you want whenever you want. nice A day to be remembered (I wish I can remember everything I did everyday so no need for me to write lots of things here, but hey.. how can? I always forget many things that have had happened in the past, too …

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into tramping now?

I don’t want to forget all my sweet memories in NZ. but I don’t have enough time to write. hu hu… lets make it simple.. I went tramping in two different places around Manawatu. On the 21st of February, I joined the Manawatu I-site trip tramping at one of the track in the Ruahinie Forest …

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