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into tramping now?

I don’t want to forget all my sweet memories in NZ. but I don’t have enough time to write. hu hu…

lets make it simple..

I went tramping in two different places around Manawatu. On the 21st of February, I joined the Manawatu I-site trip tramping at one of the track in the Ruahinie Forest Park. We walked for about 1 hour to Alice Nash Hut, one of the hut in the Ruahinie ranges. We continue the journey up hill for about another 1 hour and then descent back to the Alice Nash Hut before return back to our bus, which took another 1.5hours. The walk on that day took about 3.5 to 4 hours to complete. A bit hike up to hill and quite slippery. Anyway, the scenery was fabulous.. seriously.. breathtaking scenery along all the way. Overall.. I can say that this track is quite an easy walk and suitable for all fitness levels. Nice having Sharina and Nurul in the trip as well.

On the next weekend, 28th February, Ayesha and I made a very last-minute plan to go tramping at the Manawatu Gorge Reserve. We walked for about 5-6 hours through the Manawatu Gorge reserve park. There are several beautiful look out up hill from the Gorge Bush forest. The walk would be never fun and enjoyable without Ayesha and Cheon. Thanks guys! Hope to tramp with u guys again next time… maybe to the Tongariro Alpine crossing haaa? hee..Oh yeah.. this track is about 10km long, depends on the walk track that you have chosen. We went to all the look out spots as well as down to the river and went up hill again to the end of the track. The walk is quite easy but required moderate fitness level..perhaps.

Well.. photos? too lazy to upload.. all in the facebook. Sorry to those who doesn’t have facebook.. well.. maybe I’ll uploaded some when I have time.

Okay.. look forward tramping and doing other outdoor activities this Weekend~ Seems like an awesome weekend is coming soon. I will joined the Massey Uni Alpine Club doing all outdoor activities -kayaking, horizontal bungy jumping, running, swimming, slacklining in the Hokowhitu Lagoon this Saturday.. and… will go tramping and walking along and in the stream at the another track somewhere in the Ruahinie forest. See ya  all later!

daaa.. off to bed now 🙂

Ruahinie forest track

Beside Manawatu river (Manawatu Gorge Reserve Track)

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