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I do what I want when I want

Yeahh.. i really do.. just do what you want whenever you want. nice

A day to be remembered (I wish I can remember everything I did everyday so no need for me to write lots of things here, but hey.. how can? I always forget many things that have had happened in the past, too bad huh?):

anyway, back to what I did today. just a simple notes;

In the morning, I went to the Freshers Event (Alpine Club activity) with Beatrice and met Shoukai over there. We did kayaking in the lake near Hokowhitu campus. We also tried slacklining games and fell down many times. hehe. We got our cool MUAC’s (Massey Univ Alpine Club) tshirt as well. niceee

Late afternoon,  Ayesha (my bestfriend from Maldives) and I did cross training in the Massey gym. It was enjoyable since there are not so many people in the gym during the weekend. I manage to  use the elliptical equip for about 30mins with a total distance of 5km. Although it might sound easy for you but it is an improvement workout for me. I am very happy with that. heee

In the early evening, I went to Sister Heba’s house (Egyptian family) to play basketball with Zainab and Fatma but end up playing with kids, lovely Hagar and Ahmed.. It was fun playing with those kids, and we even had picnic by the playground park. Both kids are smart and so cute.. Anyway, Fatma ask me to join tramping with her friends at the end of this March. Well.. it must be great and fun tramping with them.. because Fatma and Zainab are so cool and nice.

Got a great news – A new addition to the family: My brother just got a baby and it was his 1st son (he already has 2 daughters now) . Welcome to the Fitri’s and Shukri’s little boy!  🙂 yayy

and also.. got a sad news. I believe everything happened for a reason and Allah knows the best. I will always pray for you and for you and for you, and for you. yes.. you.

Sleepy now. time to sleep. tomorrow is going to be another good day. lets hiking in the Ruahinie.

Good night !

Ouhh forgot to tell ya.. im in the NZ newspaper, Tribune, sunday 28th February. heheee….

see..that is me in purple :P

Kayaking with Beatrice :



  1. Huhuu bestnya baca pengalaman ang kat tempat org.. aku ni bila laa nak ada can.. Huhuu lagi.

  2. sungguh fofuler mak masuk paper ghitewww,


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