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forest and bird

This is the second walking trip with the Forest & Bird Organisation, walking to the Manawatu Head Waters. It is situated in the Ruahinies ranges, inland from Norsewood. We started our track by crossing the main stream, and the water was so freezing cold. At the stream area, the guides caught some insects, aqua living invertebrates and some fish living in that stream. We are able to see caddishfly larvae, mayfly larvae, stonefly larvae and dobsonfly larvae. All those larvae will turn into flying insects when they become adult. We also able to see Dwarf Galaxias fish, which can only be seen in the headwaters rivers.

We head gently uphill through farmland and native bush until we reach at the top of the hill. We had our lunch up there while relaxing and viewing the breathtaking scenery. After that we descent back through the same track.  It was an easy and relaxing track. I also able to make some new friends overthere. Many of them are Kiwi old peoples, but some are originally from overseas which are Holland and the UK. Oh yeah..many of them realised that I was in the NZ newspaper  last week, ‘ohh you are the one in the newspaper right? u are popular now’ hehehhe I am haha! I also met Lakhsmi, a cool girl from India, and now we are best friend love doing wicked and outdoor thingy! cool aye.. glad i met u!! heheeee

Well.. it was an enjoyable trip!

btw.. John Key, the NZ’s prime minister is going to allow mining in several places in NZ and it will definitely harm the forest and nature in NZ. So, lets us all protest to conserve the beautiful land of NZ, and protect the wild and all those beautiful and unique NZ’s nature. So, what can we do? Check THIS out! Lets sign up to protest the government’s action! The earth need us as we need the earth so much. Right?!

Here are some photos:

Stingy leaves, wild poisonous berry and ‘autumn flower’ (i dont know what should i call that little cute flower hehe):

Ok.. some of u might want to know about my rafting experience. YESS.. I did grade 5 white water rafting last week! So, wait for my next entry! heeeheee.   See ya!


  1. You are such a gifted person and wonderful writer. thanks for all the nice things u wrote bout me! I love reading your blog VERY VERY INTERESTING!… keep going! LUV YA!! 🙂

  2. huserk

    THANKS SO MUCH LAKSHMI!! LOVE U TOO! i am sooo glad i meet u! yayyyyy we are tramping+rafting+caving vuddy now… yeahhh!

  3. kak nita

    nice blog..its a dandelion 🙂

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