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everything at my fingertips?

salam n hello to all..

ahaa.. is someone of you are waiting for my report bout white water rafting? or maybe bout BLACK water rafting? haha Yeppp! I did adventures caving last weekend=black water rafting+abseiling (11 storey building high)+flying fox+jumping into the stream (5-7m high)+rock climbing at the waterfall in the cave+hiking in the cave! And it was totally awesome!

Okay, this entry is actually not about those wicked adventures thingy that I did last week or last two week. (Hopefully I able to write bout it in the next entry cause I don’t wanna forget every moment of it!) This is about my study now and my VIVA experience when I did my undergrad research in UMS, sabah. (I know some of u might say; awww bowwrringgggg) haha.. whatever.

I just attended a seminar about research and writing theses, organised by Msian postgrad student in Palmy. Okay.. 1st of all I would like to thanks to the speakers, Kak Laila, Kak Fatan, and Dr Rosli (Msian MSD) for giving a very informative and motivational speech. Ahaa.. I think I am a person who hardly get motivated unless it is something that I have passion at; (especially the endurance sports like running/swimming/cycling) Hey.. do u think we don’t need motivation to do it? well it does for me! I need motivation and inspiration instead of passion itself. And for writing in this blog too., i need some motivation..sound lame ha? haha.. anyway..Thanks to runningmom, she is my inspiration to keep on running and writing and improving my English. again, thanks runningmom! Wait for my gift from NZland. I’ll post it tomorrow heeehe.

Okay back to the topic…hahah.. yeah the workshop is about  tips to write a good thesis and also how to be organised and discipline with our work/study as well as to balance it with our life (although I can say that I am not too stress doing my research SO far.. but I need some motivation to push me writing and working hard continuously. I know some people might think, getting married might motivate me to finish my study quickly, well it is not.  It is actually make me feel burden thinking about the wedding preparation (which I actually havent prepared anything yet..huhu). I wish I can just get marry without all those complex system to get marry in Mysia, and all those preparation thingy for wedding. I don’t even know/think bout my wedding dress yet.. what design/colour/type??? I don’t even care.. I need a wedding planner so she can just plan everything for me cause I don’t mind/care about what should I wear/have/do  during my wedding day.  I wish there is somebody can do everything for me hahahah…where is my spirit hah? Weird uhh?  Maybe I havent got the mood yet?? haha.. well..I bet some people might think maybe I just don’t really prepare to get marry? anyone? haha.. NOPE..  Of course I would like to say that I can’t wait and I am very keen to get marry as soon as possible, cause I wanna live together and share every single bits (bitter or sweet) … anything in the world and..everything in my life with my soul mate, the person I really love and wanna spend the rest of my life with. euwww terjiwang pulak. hioohoo (well you know how much I love you so no need to show the jiwangness inside me cause people usually see me as a ‘rock’ person) hahha..does it true guys? or whoever silent reader out there?? hehee.. whatsoever lah ( actually, I should not use manglish,  but i did, only for this entry please~)

again..out of the topic! okay lets  talk seriously about my research. Yep.. I am still waiting for the ethics committee to approve my study! I have done some writing but can’t proceed for data collection until my study has got approved by the Massey ethics committee.. ouhh they are very fussy about many things so we need to be very clear, concise and know about anything or everything that involve in our study. So what do to with the workshop that I have attended just now? Well.. truly speaking, I have lost my confident on myself about my study here. I dont feel I am good enough as a student and as a tutor in UPM. That is why I sit in many undergrad classes here, to gain more knowledge and to be more knowledgeable. And as many people say, the more we know, the more ‘dumb ‘we feel (is dumb a proper word to use? advise please). And YESS.. that is what I feel. I am not very confident about my writing and about myself to become a tutor or lecturer in the future and a researcher. But this workshop actually make me recall back all my memories back in UMS, Sabah.

As Kak Laila said, during the VIVA time, we have to know everything about our research study and also many thing  about our study area although it is out of our research topics. To make it simple, all about our study and everything bout our research is just at our fingertips. and now, I am not at that stage yet.. very far away.. I need to read more and more about my study and about anything involve in nutrition and human health! hughh.. When I recall back my memory of my VIVA during my undergrad study.. I can say that I am well prepared for anything and everything! Everything is just in my head and as I mentioned just now.. all at my fingertips! Let me share my VIVA experience.. and ready to be surprised bout it. haha..

VIVA is usually a very big and scary things for most of undergrad students.. and I don’t know why we always think like that. haha because for me.. it is the time for us to express all things that we know about the thing that we have been done for a year during our final year in the university. So, as long as we know about what and how we did and what is the outcome of our research, then it would be alright. Okay.. during the viva week..all of my friends were busy preparing for their viva presentation and also busy correcting their writing for the theses. and ME? The viva week is a SABAH-HOLIDAY week for me.. Along and his sister, Munie came to Sabah for an adventures holiday trip.. and I am the one who plan everything for the holiday.. At first we went to Sipadan island at Semporna, which is very2 far away from UMS. We took a bus at night and arrive Semporna on the next morning (overnight on a bus!). We ride a boat from Semporna and  check in at the oil rig dive platform in the middle of the ocean! It is not far away from Sipadan island and very near to Mabul and Kapalai islands.  The place is very nice, clean and the people there were very friendly and nice. Not forget to mention, the food was marvelous too! So I really recommend you: Seaventures~

Well… We did snorkeling at Mabul, Kapalai and of course Sipadan! (Im really jealous to Munie cause she can dive overthere! I wish I could too). Okay, during our time over there, I use my free time to rehearse my VIVA presentation. And of course, Along is the one who has to hear everything from my  presentation, and he even gave me advised and some comments about it. thank you so much dear for being a very good friend of mine. Owh.. when I think back again…that is such a very nice moment that I have had; practicing my presentation at the platform in the middle of the ocean near sipadan island during my free time after did some snorkeling and swimming in the beautiful ocean! ?! hahaa.. this is legend for me! heee We stayed there 2 days 1 night (or 2 nights?) im not really sure and really enjoyed our time there. I really like to see marine life and.. yes i did enjoy it so much.

Okay, we went back to KK by taking a bus and again, overnight in the bus to arrive KK in the next morning, and it was my big day..the day for VIVA presentation. Haha.. Munie stayed with me at the Kingfisher house and along stayed at a backpacker hostel in KK. Munie and along continue resting and sleeping while I was  preparing myself for the viva presentation. I just went to the school (SSMP) and gave my very best for my presentation. alhamdulillah everything went well and nice. The examiners and my supervisor satisfied with my work and I able to submit my theses for that project. At that time I can say that everything was just at my fingertips and I feel very confident and well-prepared for the presentation. and I wish I am like that now.. huhuuu. After the presentation, we straight away went to Beaufort for a river cruise trip to see the proboscis monkeys. At night, we did an adventures and risky thing, crocodile hunting! haha..what an experience! We able to see lots of crocodile eyes at the surface of the river water and also a whole live crocodile! Amazing aye! The next day, we went to Padas for white water rafting grade 3-4. It was tiring but very fun! adrenaline rush. heee..

and then..u know what? we continue our ‘Sabah-Day’ with hiking at the Kinabalu mountain. I drove up to the Kinabalu mountain straight away after rafting! Ouhh man…it was tiring and scary cause  it was foggy all the way up to the mountain at night. huh.. and we did the climbing on the next day. Ahaa.. all of us were not  fit enough during that time and we felt very tired and exhausted climbing up the Kinabalu, plus bad weather..raining and windy (not like my 1st experience climbing up Kinabalu, good weather, clear day plus I was physically ready and was so energetic and strongly climb up the mountain haha). anyway, we really enjoyed the stunning view up there ,and until now all of us really miss the time we spend there and everything in sabah. As I said, Sabah is always in my heart 🙂

Yeahh.. that is basically my VIVA+SABAH day experience.. 2 in 1 haha. the VIVA and enjoy my Sabah day. Thanks to Munie and Along for being such coolest guys and yeahh.. we really enjoyed our time right! Miss both of you and of course miss all my loves in Malaysia.

Not to forget..that is not the only Sabah-holiday tour, we made it for the 2nd time, with makchu pakchu and amin, my bro. We really had a good time there.  the different thing on that time was, we didn’t climb up kinabalu but we went for a kinabatangan river cruise, night rainforest walk and went to see orang-utan at the Sepilok centre.

Anyway, back to the reality now. I am now very enthusiastic to write my whole thesis and fully engaged to my research. 1 big good news.. Ive just got an email from the ethics committee when I was writing the sabah-day experience just now. Let me just copy and paste :

‘Hello Nurul. Your project has been approved.  A letter will be sent in the mail’

Yeayy… I can fully  start my research now and can start recruiting and interviewing participants and collecting their urine sample now! yeayy.. Alhamdulillah.. Thank you Allah. I wanna make sure that I know everything about my study area and know what and why of what I did for my research.. cause I want to be better than Nurul Husna 2 years ago when she was doing quite well in her undergrad research in UMS. Go go fighting! cita usaha jaya.

Bring it on!



  1. kakkongkang

    suruh minot ler jadik wedding planner, dia mesti excited benda2 cam ni. kak dulu pun malas, kak nira n kak wai yg pulun semua hehe…

    tahap phd nnt lagi rasa teramat dumb, sampai rasa tak layak nak keja apa pun kecuali jadik cleaner kat universiti…

    anyway, congrats for the kelulusan… kak dah risau nak viva ni, fingertips asyik masak jer, tak prepare sgt hehe…

  2. “I do”.. hahahah

  3. munie

    wahhhh good luck! terbaik ah akak. tgk gamba last rindunya kat kak mimi. munie ingat lg yg time kacau dia kat bilik dia tu. ckp ” eh along” hehehe 😀

    im sure u’ll do well this time as u’ve always do 😀

    kami semua setia menunggu disini 😉

    angah cun!

  4. huserk

    hahahahahhaha ingat!!!! lawakkkkkkkk
    munie mmg nakai… hehehe
    tu la mimie mmg baik giler.. dia dan nabihah adalah geng akak yg sama2 hempas pulas besama siapkan thesis..heee
    anyway..thanks munie! mmuuaahh!

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