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my precious

family is precious

Thanks to mak n ayah n the whole family for the unspeakable love and always being there for me..

same goes to along family… I am so glad to be around all those loving people and being love by all of you..

I just miss all my precious in Malaysia.. and kat UK sana nuun pun πŸ™‚

kongkang! heheheh

Love from NZland…

– Husna semartttt

Queenstown: miss the moment together πŸ™‚

xda plak gamba ngan sumer.. tgok sepul n pakchu muka control semart.. hehehe..


  1. pakcu mesti laa lagik hensem dari sepoll:)

    • huserk

      along the most hensem apa2 pun wahahhaa πŸ˜›

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