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Monthly Archives: April, 2010

many thanks :)

salams… I got more gifts from my friends and i think i should post it here so I can remember this for my entire life (i hope I will keep this blog active forever? hehe). So, many thanks to Jonelyn, Fifiey and the the cool Egyptian sisters (Zeinab and Fatima). I didn’t expect to get …

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year by year; 12042010

salam everyone.. helloo yeahh ive been sooo busy lately and gonna stay busy until i finish my research! Im at the stage of data collection. So far so good.. Alhamdulillah. After finish collecting my gonna be busy analysing data and after that… ahaa.. writing the whole theses! I hope I able to publish at …

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great forest fun run/walk 10k!

great forest fun run/walk 10k by huserk – Details Yes, did it 🙂 Love it 🙂

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Nutric Study : interview

I have started collecting data for my research now. I have to recruit 50 women of child-bearing age. I will do an interview with participants and ask them to collect their urine sample within 24-hours period. I hope I able to recruit at least 50 people as soon as possible. Well… my big fear is.. …

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precious time with my loves (south NZ)

Salam n Hellooo~ Today, I spend my time seeing all my photos and some videos of my trip around NZ. Most of them are photos of south island trip. I really love it cause everywhere is soooo beautiful. I went there twice, 1st time was  last winter break with my friends (see here, here & here!) and …

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