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precious time with my loves (south NZ)

Salam n Hellooo~

Today, I spend my time seeing all my photos and some videos of my trip around NZ. Most of them are photos of south island trip. I really love it cause everywhere is soooo beautiful. I went there twice, 1st time was  last winter break with my friends (see herehere & here!) and 2nd time with my parents. My parents came here last February and we had a great 2 weeks holiday together around NZ, both south and north island. Thanks ayah and mak for coming here and spending time with me here. I really appreciated it and of course it was a great trip together. Love it soo much! Oh yeah.. not forget to mention, thanks so much to Abg Ziad & Kak Ilah and Kak Zura & Abg Fitri for the nice yummy breakfast, lunch and helps. Thanks so much.

well… lets refresh my memory and try to feel back those great moment together! Journey to the South with my loves, tadaaa:

Day 1 :Kaikoura

We took bus from Palmy early in the morning (520am) to Welly. Then, we took flight from Welly to Blenheim and then bus again to Kaikoura. We arrived Kaikoura around 330pm and checked-in into a nice and cosy motel room. After a short relax, we went out to have a nice set of fish and chips in town. ‘Kaikoura’ translates to ‘meal of crayfish’, so it is compulsory to try fish over there cause the town is situated just by the seaside, and of course has a beautiful beach! After that, we had a long  walk (bout 9km return) to see a seal colony. We also able to see the beautiful sunset by the beach!

Day 2: Kaikoura

Whale watching! Yeah.. Whale watching in Kaikoura is the must-do activity while in this peaceful town, and it is well-known as the most popular whale watching place in NZ. So yeah..we joined the whale watching cruise and of course able to see whale! These are what we had seen overthere: 3 sperm whales, 1 killer whale (orcas), bout 100 seals and many seabirds. It was fantastic! We were so lucky cause the killer whale were swimming in and out of the water surface just near us, to be specific, just in front of me! Awesome! After the tour, we headed to Christchurch by bus.

Day 3-4: Christchurch

We just walked around the city and did some shopping. It was a nice city; beautiful building, nice park and nice people too. we stayed there 2 nights. At first we planned to stay there only for 1 night, and drive down to Queenstown, but there were no available car to rent! It was summer, so booking in advance is important! So, we just relaxed on the 1st day and took bus to Queenstown on the next day. I really recommended Normans Coach for a ride to Queesntown. It is a tour bus and will bring you to many attractive places along the way. So, our coach stop by at many fantastic+spetacular+breathtaking places along the way; Lake Tekapu, Lake Pukaki, view of Mt Cook, Coromandel and also a huge fruit stall at Wanaka. Both Lake Tekapu and Pukaki are soooo beautiful!

Day 5 : Queenstown

My favourite place ever! We joined the ‘Wilderness Tour-Dart Safari’ around Queenstown. The van took about 40mins to  reach Glenorchy, the smallest village in NZ. Then, we rode in 4WDrive into a place called ‘Paradise’. Yeah.. that place is sooo soo soo beautiful! We did some walking in the forest along the river. After some short walks, we rode a jet boat and enjoyed the scenery over there. Everything was soo untrue! Masya-Allah all places around ‘paradise’ were the most beautiful places that I’ve ever seen in my life! We were amazed with the views of crystal clear blue water lake, rock ranges with some snow on the top, greeny hills, and green+yellow field of long grass..MasyaAllah. Can u imagine how beautiful it is?. beautiful, amazing, fabulous!

Amazing ay! After the tour, we rode a gondola uphill to see the whole beautiful Queenstown. We also rode the exiting luge up there! it was fun, yeayy! Mak ayah also rode thr luge! Cool haa.

Day 6: Fox Glacier

We took early morning bus (730am) to Fox Glacier and arrived there around 130pm. We went for a 1 hour circuit walk around the Matherson mirror lake. The view was spectacular; the reflection lake and snowy mountain background – amazing view, masyaAllah!  After that, we joined the Terminal Glacier Walk tour. The glacier was huge, blue, icy and of course, beautiful. We can see lots of ice block flowed along the stream as well as huge block of ices and rocks everywhere around that area. It was amazingly fantastic! It is a must place to visit in South island.

Day 7: Greymouth-Christchurch

We rode the TranzAlpine train from Greymouth to Chrischurch. Why? because it is the world’s great scenic railway journeys! Here the details, taken from the website: ‘From your carriage you’ll see the fields of the Canterbury Plains and farmland, followed by the spectacular gorges and river valleys of the Waimakariri River. Your train then climbs into the Southern Alps before descending through lush beech rain forest to the West Coast town of Greymouth’. Photos:

We had a very great time together. There are many more nice+awesome things that I wanna share with ya guys but that would end up a very lonnggg entry. So, I think that’s all for now.. will continue for the next journey around north island (Rotorua+Taupo). See yaaa!


  1. this is so cool!

  2. Ayah ..

    Dear, dear, dear … we went to NZ this year, NOT last year. What about having “fresh-from-the-lake” grilled salmon … Anyway thanks dear. After coming back to Malaysia, I learn to appreciate the natural beauty of our beloved country. On my trip from Baling to Grik (on my way to negeri che mek wau bule) the countryside is equally amazing if one cares to appreciate nature. .. the topography, the colours, the sound of the wind might differs … still being Allah’s creation, its equally if not more beautiful than NZ. Love from Mak and Ayah

    • huserk

      Heee dah tukar to ‘last February’. Yeahh there are so many nice + awesome things that I should mention but it wud end up a very loong entry. Hee.. anyway, we really enjoy our time together. Alhamdulillah. The beauty of NZ make us more appreciate nature, esp back home when our own country also have a great beautiful place (esp sabah; nak jugak sabah hehe). Take care ayah mak, love from your daugher 🙂

  3. GA Lynd

    OMG! Lawanyaaaaaa……. 😛

  4. nurulkin

    cantik nye.. mampu tengok gambo aje la uhuk..

  5. aZa Besh

    wa..selalunya gamba sebegini hanya didapati dari forwarded email…and dijadikan wallpaper computer…

    to think that you yourself captured it….that is extravaganza superb…hee couldnt even find a word to express my feelings…

    hope to catch a glimpse of these at germany…i’ll be so happy that i’ll cry..


    • huserk

      thanks aza.. actually the view overthere is soo beautiful, make the photos look like kind-of forwarded/wallpaper photos 🙂
      hope u will enjoy yout trip to berlin n take lots of beautiful photos too 🙂

  6. aZa Besh

    thanks..already make 1 my wallpaper…huhu….so great that you’re sharing….

    • huserk

      my pleasure aza. nanti kami send ori size eh. byk lg yg lawa2.. mmg ambil sniri.. ni belum dslr..kalau org tere amek ble buat poskad jual laku hehe

  7. gambar ‘paradise’ tu amat terujaa!!! huserk…ape benda yg huserk ngan mak tunjuk ada dlm satu gambar atas sekalik tu…tak nampak aaaa….

    • huserk

      gambaq 1st tu adalah seal! kitorang jalan p kat seal colony area haa..

  8. oh ye ke..ashman mesti suka tengok whale tu dia sekarang very into ocean life. nnt dah besar kena belajar diving hehe…kalau airasia fly to NZ dah lama kumpul duit pergi visit huserk before huserk balik:)

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