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Nutric Study : interview

I have started collecting data for my research now. I have to recruit 50 women of child-bearing age. I will do an interview with participants and ask them to collect their urine sample within 24-hours period. I hope I able to recruit at least 50 people as soon as possible. Well… my big fear is.. im quite worry to handle an interview.. im not very confident to do the interview. what happen if I don’t really understand of what they are saying or they don’t understand me? or misunderstand? How if they ask me certain question that I couldn’t answer? How if I don’t answer it properly? I am nervous!  Any tips/advice for me?

I need to do rehearsal for the interview session. I actually hope I can do rehearsal with you (you know who u are), like we did last time, I always practice my presentation with you. Thanks to you! Hurmm.. you seem very busy so I don’t wanna bother you, cause we need to videoconferencing to do so and it might take your time, I guess so… or maybe this weekend if you are free during the day. Anyway, I’m glad I have friends to practice the interview together.. I’ll see you tomorrow or the day after tomorrow to practice my interview. Thanks guys!

So, anyone? – age 18-40, women, not pregnant or breastfeeding, staying in Palmerston North, would like to be my participants?

The purpose of my study is to look at the dietary intake and nutritional status of women of childbearing-age. In the study, I want to investigate diet and nutrient status via an interview and a urine sample. This assessment will take place in the Human Nutrition Research Unit at Massey (except for the 24 hour urine collection which you will do at home).  If you would like to take part or find out more about the study please contact:

Miss Husna

Phone : (06) 356 9099 ext 81386

Email :

Thankss!! 🙂


  1. kakakmerah

    buat interview dgn sy.:P.

    • huserk

      dah hantar email.. got it? thanksss noha!

  2. Ayah ..

    Dear Husna,
    Please don’t you ever again start your work with “what happen if this … if that…” that’s a negative starter ! Just focus on what you’re supposed to do and do it at your level best. Imagined that your interviewee will understand you and you will understand them … not the other way round. Don’t you ever sabatage yourself again.
    Well put it this way … to date you have been tramping, travelling, adventuring a lot with the non-Malaysians including kiwis. You mix well with them. You’ve done superb job in that respect because remember not all Malaysian students mix around easily with non-Malaysian even though outside Malaysia.
    For that reason and that reason alone you have the capability and capacity to conduct your interview.
    Dear, dear, dear … believe in yourself. If you believe in yourself going for black water rafting, climbing challenging mountain tops, white-water rafting etc etc you must have that confidence built-in in you. So why the hesitation for the interview.
    OK do some visualization and positive affirmation excersises. Visualisation: Every morning after Subuh and after the doa and other rituals, take a deep breath, relaxed youself, close your eyes and “see yourself meeting locals, chatting with them, interviewing them and getting all those cooperation needed … DO THIS EVERY MORNING. YES EVERY MORNING. Positive Affirmation: Get in front of the mirror, smile and tell yourself, talk to yourself something like this “Husna, you’re good in what you do. Husna you’ll enjoy meeting people for your interview. Husna, sure you’ll get all the cooperation needed. Wow Husna, I believe in you …” dan sebagainya. Lastly remember to get the help, strength and courage as well as wisdom from The One. Seek guidance from Allah.
    OK… go for it. Go, go, go. That’s my daughter.

    • huserk

      Thanks so much ayah!! 😀
      Im applying it now and will do it everyday. Thanks again ayah 🙂

  3. Ayah ..

    Just one more dear. When you do the visualisation, positive affirmation and the dua, do with with full emotion, with all your heart. Nescaya akan berkesan. Best wishes

  4. aZa Besh

    Salam husna…

    wargh…suddenly its me who feel really inspired by ayah…Thanks Dr..

    some of my experience conducting people is that if the the sample volume is 50, you will have to do more like 60 over. In my experience, there’s always a broken result. and if we dont have back up than it will be troublesome for the statistics..

    but couldnt agree more with Dr shukri, i’m way more than confident that you can do this very very well…

    K Husna..dont forget to always enjoy little things..

    • huserk

      Thanks for your neverending support my dearest aza~! 🙂 hope u r enjoying everymoment of your life too.. esp wif ur husband 🙂

  5. sbo

    Husna, u r welcome to practice at my place with me. InsyaAllah I’ll help wherever I can 🙂
    Wow, very inspiring word and great advice by Dr. I shall apply it as well!

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