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year by year; 12042010

salam everyone.. helloo

yeahh ive been sooo busy lately and gonna stay busy until i finish my research! Im at the stage of data collection. So far so good.. Alhamdulillah. After finish collecting my gonna be busy analysing data and after that… ahaa.. writing the whole theses! I hope I able to publish at least 1 journal.. and my target is to publish in the NZ Medical Journal. Pray for me.

Okayy.. the main purpose of this entry is about my birthday. It was a busy day… 12 April 2010.. On that day I had to interview my 1st participant, and my supervisor was also there to assist me. Thanks Loiuse. It was my 1st interview and I was totally nervous and worried! But it went good… well, not too bad.. I worried too much I guess.. heee. anyway, i still need to improve many things and hope to do better in the next interview.

Anyway, that night, I had a great night! My beloved friends came over my house and brought a huge blueberry yogurt cheesecake with candles on top of it. Aha.. yepp!  It was a surprise birthday party. Whoo hoo.. Thanks so much to Noha, Sharina, Ayu, Khuzai & Zuria! Thanks for the lovely cutie teddy bear; Juno the lion, Zaza the elephant and Zuzu the frog! They are now my friends when I go to sleep.. and it wass sooo good to hug them while sleeping.. THANKS guys!

Not forget to mention, Thanks so much to my lovely housemate, Afsana..for the lovely flowers and gift and also cheesecake. Again, thanks to Noha, Zuria and Khuzai for the teddy bears. Thanks to Sharina for the special cake that you bake! It was crispy and tasty! Thanks Noha for the special entry in your blog! Thanks so much to EVERYONE for the birthday wishes.. Thank you Thank you Thank you! Thanks to Along for the birthday song.. heee

Well.. Im so glad being surrounded with good people & good friends. Will be missing all this moment! Well.. actually I already miss the moment I watched movie at Ayu’s room, eating together with Noha, Ayu n Khuzai, and also eating cake/puddings in Ayu’s room while watching Nur Kasih. hehe Well.. Noha can bake really well.. and I just love to eat anything she bake! Haha.. hard to diet while living with them all! Ahaa! Good food all the time.. and good time together, especially ‘eating’ and gossiping ‘chatting+laughing together’ part.

zuzu, zaza and juno!

Year by year.. time is running so fast! yet not so many progress in my life?! Cammon.. improve yourself, Husna!

THANKS ALL.. hope u all will always have a wonderful and great time in your life 😀 Cheers!



  1. liza

    Aaa…huserk ada teddy bear?? ;P

    • huserk

      tu ah 1st time ih org kasi teddy bear byk2 utk teman tdo hehe

  2. kakakmerah

    kami semua memang sweet kan kak husna?:p

    • huserk

      mmg korang semua sweet termasuk nurul husna hhehehehe

  3. Happy Birthday Husna!!!! semakin muda dan ayu nampaknya;)

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