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many thanks :)


I got more gifts from my friends and i think i should post it here so I can remember this for my entire life (i hope I will keep this blog active forever? hehe). So, many thanks to Jonelyn, Fifiey and the the cool Egyptian sisters (Zeinab and Fatima). I didn’t expect to get many gifts from my friends this year.. well… thanks so much to all 😀            Ouh dear my friends, I really appreciate it!

Here are photos!

thanks Jonelyn for the cute katmandhu towel

thanks sis! from zeinab&fatima! i love strawberry 😀

And this special book from Khairul Afifey a.ka.a fifey. thanks bro

okay.. that’s all for now.

At the moment, im very busy with my research. huuu lots of work but so little time..  im trying my best to finish my work as soon as possible and hopefully can finish my study on time. i miss my nieces and nephews back home.

okay.. im off to bed. ngantuk. wassalam  ^__^

autumn in massey 2010



  1. nyhahmad

    salam…happy belated birthday Kak Husna…good luck in whatever you do…selamat berjuang. semoga tenang dan tabah selalu..:)

  2. ar9

    sanah helwah.
    Smoga Allah merahmati usiamu.

    p/s: takdak hadiah laa.. jgn merajuk ye..

  3. Zeinab

    AWWWWWWWWWWW!! Husna ur very welcome and u r so sweet! we love u so much!! xx000 and u gave us many lovely gifts as well sis, ur awesome! =D

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