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basketball forever?


I’ve been pretty busy with my research lately. There are many things I wanna share in this blog but have limited time to write. Anyway, there is something that I could not forget. It might be nothing for some of you but it is something really big for me. haha.. Well.. it is bout basketball game in Massey. Yesterday (last Monday, the 17th May) and last week, I had a chance to play a longer basketball game cause the team don’t really had many player. In massey, we had an intercollege/court game, which each team need at least a girl in a team. So, usually there will be a girl and 4 boys in a team. Well, this year I played for the Rotary court and few times for ‘The Police team’, those R.A team. Yahh.. go Rotarian!

Okay when I play longer in the court, chance to get the ball is higher. And the good thing is, when I get the ball and shoot, it always get in. and most of it were ringless. hahaha…especially yesterday’s game. I even manage to shoot when 2 tall kiwi guys were trying to stop me and yay, i got it at last! Not only that, I manage to show off my lay up skill too and yep..i did it! haha. Well.. my knee is not really in a very good condition, so i kind of control my movement. i wish i can play as aggressive or as active as i can..but ya.. have to slow down a bit.

During the games i even managed to grab the ball when the kiwis were dribbling or trying to rebounce, until some of them said ‘be careful, she’s good’. heheh I just smile. cant believe Kiwi guy said like that to me. hehehe not even that, my team-mate also cheered me up when i shoot in. After finish the game, one guy came and ask  my name. then he ask ‘are u a professional player? Ive been watching you since the earliest game’ heheheh whoohoo.. is that a question or a statement? haha so i just said, naa i just play for fun. it was just my luck to shoot the ball. hehe.. (well i wish i can play in a real serious tournament!).

Well..I have many precious moments playing basketball. when i was in high school (form 4-5), I played as a forward position and were one of the 1st five player in my team and had an experience playing basketball in the PPM game at the National level, (since we (SMSSMJ) were the host for the PPM 2000, so we able to play for the national level). We also played for the North Zone game level (2001) when I was form 5. At that time I had a very lovely and coolness coach, Cikgu Gmah. Love u cikgu!

When I was in the matriculation college, I made up a team and organised a basketball game for girls. That was the time when I met Along and be a very close friend of him. (I knew him because of basketball not bcause he was the president’s college student of the KMPK, cause i never care bout the politic in kmpk, haha!). Only interested in the basketball game.  Anyway, we end up as a very best friend 🙂 until now and forever 😀

Okay.. out of topic a bit? Well..when i was doing my undergrad study in UMS, I joined a basketball club and also made up a team of mine. We played in the ADIDAS street ball tournament 2003 in KK and also in an open game in the university. Although we didn’t win, but I really enjoyed it! Thanks to Fido and Nazi for your support and being my best teammates in UMS. In the 2nd year, I joined the KF college and recruited people for a team. I able to recruit Chinese players and all of them were soo good. yeah.. so our team able to go up till final for 3-4 consecutive semesters! (each semester for 2 years). We were champions for 2 times and runner up twice too. I really enjoyed playing with them cause I can improve a lot when I played with them, all the skillful players.

And then.. now I am. In the Massey university. Last year I joined Kairanga team. We played very well and got 2nd place in the Massey intercollege social league. It was sooo fun playing with them, most of them are from the States.  William, the Korean Kiwi and Ronny the East Timur guy were soo good in dribble! I was so impress and really llove to see they way they dribble and make their move in the court. Overall, in Massey I played just for fun and to release my stress. Not a serious game/tournament when I was in UMS/school.

YEah.. I enjoyed every moment of it. Really love to play basketball. To those in Ampang, Pakcu, along, sepul, amchik, matde and Bamin.. be prepared! Husna will be in the court in a few months later! Pakcu..kalini Huserk akan kasi pakcu tensen sbb Huserk asyik shoot masuk. hahaha! Along, sila kasi fit dan kurus balik so ble lawan pakcu. (haha asyik pakcu ja). Sepul, meh kito segeng nanti. Amchik, tingkatkan prestasi shoot 3point anda. Bamin, jum lepak basketball court ampang slalu! Azihan, jumpa d UPM court! heheee

Oh yeah.. okay.. time to sleep! Some photos of my basketball memories!

the Shukri’s team, hehe 2003?2004?

Kingfisher team 2006-07

MUMSA team, 2009 (NZ)

Kairanga Team 2009

I also went to UTP several times and played basketball with friends. Haslina and Liza were always be there at the UTP’s court. And also thanks to my Sis Rokhmah aka CIK who always come along and played with us together. Goshh.. what a sweet memory!

Some photos in UTP, with Has and others. Photo taken by Chik. Thanks! :

Oups not forget to mention, Thanks to my coach forever cikgu Gmah who always set a game with her school students and i really enjoyed playing with you and your kids! Lets play more later on! Cikgu, HAPPY TEACHER’s DAY!!

Anywhere I go, Anything I do, basketball is always be part of my life, because~


Wait for it… wait for it.. LEGENDARY, haha! cheers!



  1. cucu ngah embun

    saya juga harus kurus, harus fit. saya suda jatuh chenta sama cycling. 🙂

  2. cucu ngah embun

    saya juga harus kurus, harus fit. saya suda jatuh chenta dengan cycling.

    • huserk

      heheh into cycling dah skarang. bgus2 mmg best pun 😀

  3. eLun

    kak husnaaaa
    kite suke sangat entry ni!!!! 😀

    • huserk

      elun, nanti kita main kat msia sesama kalau ada masa! yeahhh!

  4. Pait likes this!

    • huserk

      hee so ingan plan kita? bawa anak hang men skali bball masa depan nanti hehehe

  5. zihan

    errrrr…(smbil gigil..n ketaq lutut);p

    • huserk

      hehehe awat nya weh?? jum ajak e’in skali. dan kakwaa

  6. zeinab shehata

    hahahah!! awesome!! i wana watch u play sometime huh!! Go Husna =D

    • huserk

      we played last time and should play more?? i wish we have more time!

  7. fuhh mmg taksub lah husna dgn basketball

    fuhh best gila org tuh tanya pro player ka? fuhh kalau daku sure kembang sampai sebulan..fuhh best tuhh sure kembang hasibbb husnaaa oiiI!!! Cik tau perasaan tuhhh hahah, tapi tak pernah sapa dtg kat cik ckp camtu lah cuma angan2 ja la..haha

    • huserk

      yg bestnya org yg tanya tu terre main lak tu. so kiranya bukan calang2 org la haha. xpa cik pun ada zaman kegemilangan bball masa madjiwa. cuma time husna team kami baru dibentuk ja dan sesetengah tu baru stat trening main bball.. zaman cik semua mantap2 mmg best ah main power.

  8. adeeihhh….satu2nya kenangan yg asyik memanggil2 utk kembali.
    pi lah kat mna2 pun, kalau terdengar ada org dribbel bola ja mest jantung jadi laju tiba2. hahaha.padahai xnmpak pun.

  9. jojoeali

    Kali terakhir saya betul-betul bermain bola keranjang adalah ketika di tahun dua universiti, selepas lebih 2 tahun tidak berbuat demikian. Tahukah anda apa yang terjadi? Kesudahannya, saya terpaksa merangkak menaiki tangga ke rumah sewa di tingkat 3, kerana kedua-dua peha saya tidak lagi mampu berfungsi seperti biasa! Huhuu.

    MORAL : Jangan berhenti bersukan.

    • Iz

      tu la.. sukan ni mmg membahayakn tau.. jgn sukan2 sangat.. sbb tu aku main wii je sekarang.. :p

  10. Yes, as others mentioned it I like your entry. Bila baca terhilang rindu kat sorang anak yang AMAT2 AKTIF ini. I’m glad you work hard, you play hard. That’s the attitude needed to go thru life nowadays. Best wishes. Take care.

  11. ckg Gmah

    it was always fun to play bball with u too my dear… cant wait 4 d next game!! blk la cepat ye 😉 hehehehe

  12. ar9

    woha! best.

    ada dua best yg brmakna kt sini…

  13. ar9

    woha! best.

    terer ar kena puji cam tu.

    ayah pun slalu ‘turun padang’ kt blog ni.

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