Activate Your Life!

Knowledge is powerful ~ ~ Experience is meaningful ~ ~ So,Cherish every moment! ~ ~


I’m glad I belong to a big happy family…

I’m glad I have many nice awesome cool friends since in high school..

I’m glad I always stay with very nice + fun housemates since I was in UMS till now..

I’m glad I have nice buddies for vacation, road trip, adventures holiday.. you know who u are! (wait for ……!)

I’m glad my studies went well since in UMS and is going quite well now..hope till I finish my master, and phD?, I suppose.

I’m glad of many things in my life, I should feel glad of everything that I’ve had..

and yesterday…I’ve got such a great huge present form PTPTN! heheee šŸ˜€ Alhamdulillah…

THANKS to ALL for being part of my life!!

1 of my favourite nasyeed:



  1. Iz

    thanks for being part of my life too!! šŸ™‚

    ~aku baru check brapa total outstanding ptptn aku dgn yanie.. rm40k.. hehe.. tu la.. sapa soh tak blajaq betui2.. :p

    • huserk

      heee xpa, masing2 ada jalan rezki masing2, semuanya dah tertulis.dan syukur lah hang nampaknya satu2 semua jln lancar, alhamdulilllah. harapnya dipermudahkan dan sentiasa dpt barakah dariNya

  2. ar9

    hee.. kkna. lagu maher zain, sedap oo.. meaning dia pun best!

    glad u were happy..


  3. Muni

    WOW!!!congratez kak huserk…stil remember me?..muni kf ums,,ur junior n sama2 trip pegi gua niah!!…add me at fb 4 updating u always…give me ur email add ok…=)..salam sayang…

  4. apa hadiah from ptptpn? adakah pengecualian pembayaran kerana mendapat ijazah kelas pertama huhuhuhu

    • huserk

      hee hadiah kreta bmw hahaha xde lah a ah pengecualian šŸ™‚ alhamdulillah

      • cayalah, gimme five! tapi diploma kak edot kene byr šŸ˜¦ degree je dpt pengecualian šŸ˜€

  5. glad being my cousin too.. lalalala..

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