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paddle or die?!

Rafting is one of my favourite outdoor activities! Ive been rafting in Sabah, Kedah, Perak (in Malaysia) and also here in NZ! Here are some details of my rafting trips..hee

My very first experience was in Kedah. Long long time ago, it was just an easy level rafting with family. I dont remember what’s the name of the river, but at that time, my family and I had a nice holiday at the Serendah Sekebun Bunga resort, somewhere near Sik. That place was so nice and I enjoyed myself so much! We did some fishing and swimming in the river. Thanks Ayah and Mak for always bringing us to many places and had splendid time together with the whole family! BTW, that place has lot of leeches, eeuww pacat and lintah banyak! heheee

I actively involved in rafting when I was studying in Sabah, my favourite place ever. Heheee.. My first rafting experience were at Padas River; Padas White Water Rafting, Beaufort, Sabah, did it with my best mates. At that time the water level was quite high, and the raft master said it was grade 3-4 rafting. So yeahh, adrenaline pumping almost at all time on the raft! I also jumped out from the raft, just wanna try swimming in that river but ended drowning myself! Heee.. Well, that was an awesome trip with my super cool friends. Most of them are my classmates, housemates and kingfisher’s college residents.

This is not the only first and last time i went there for rafting..but I went there again with along and munie, and AGAIN with along, munie, bamin, makcu and pakcu. We had wonderful Sabah tour trip at that time, yeah twice sabah trip for me. hehe. Well, I have been rafting at other places as well, Kiulu river, Sabah (grade 2-3), Kampar river, Perak (grade 3?) and Rangitike River, in NZ (grade 5). But I think Padas river is the most challenging and adrenaline rush ever! Seriously! Look at the photos below as a proof; non-stop rapid and high water level! Another thing that I like Padas river is the rapid’s name.. all cool name which are: Merry-Go-Round Rapid, Break Point Rapid, Scooby Doo Rapid, Cobra Rapid, Curve Rapid, Lambada Rapid, Washing Machine rapid and Head Hunter Rapid. Each rapid will give you the feel of the motion as what the name means. Interesting hah.. Oh yeah, to go to Padas river, we need to ride an antique train (used since the late 19th century in Borneo). It take quite a long journey on the train but not too bad, it was nice being able to see the local life over there. Here some detail bout the PADAS RIVER RAFTING TRIP!

Kiulu River, Sabah. I did rafting twice over there. The 1st one with my eldest brother, Fitri and the 2nd time with my whole family (including mak and ayah! but ajwad and bancik were’nt there). At that time, my family came to Sabah for my graduation day and at the same time had a short vacation in Sabah. For me, Kiulu is more enjoyable than Padas if we do with family and suitable for kids. We also did body rafting which is so exciting. The rapid is not as challenging as Padas but overall it is good for family  trip, and for those who just wanna enjoy the time rafting along the river. The scenery is also more beautiful than Padas river. Here some details bout the KIULU river RAFTING trip!

Kampar river, Perak. I manage to recruit many people for this trip, mostly family and close friends. We started  with the adventures caving activity in Gua Tempurung, followed by rafting at Kampar river, and then abseiling at the waterfall! Well, for me, Kampar river is about the same as Kiulu River. But the good things is, you can also do other things within 1 day, which are adventures caving and abseiling. Some detail are here (gua tempurung) and here! (abseiling+rafting)

All my rafting trips in Sabah and Perak were organised by RIVERBUG company. I really satisfied with their services. Nice and friendly instructors/guide, good food and good facilities (toilets, changing room, etc). Overall, I really satisfied with them and highly recommended to others. There are many other company too but for me, Riverbug is the best. I also like their motto ‘Paddle or Die‘ hahaaa..

Okay, enough in Malaysia, let’s go to New Zealand. I did 2 types of rafting here. White water rafting and BLACK water rafting. The white water rafting is grade 5 at River valley, Taihape. And what is black water rafting? raft in the caves! Well.. wait for it.. wait for it… LEGENDARY! Haha i really like the black water rafting! Well this is my favourite so I will make a separate entry about this later on! wait for it…. legendary!

Now, the Rangitike River, Rivervalley rafting, it was a superb trip! There were lots of drops, which make it more exciting! Another great thing was, the place is soooo beautiful! Amazing view along the way, from the beginning till the end. I went there with all my best mate in NZ, some of them are from Maldives, India, China, Egypt and of course Msia. We had lots of fun. We learned many new paddle techniques such as drop, hold, to the left, to the right, harder movements, and we all managed to finished the rafting without flip over or bump to the rocks. Details bout the trip–> HERE. Oh yeah, if you want something more challenging, go there during winter time when the water level is high! After rafting, we also went to Mokai Gravity Canyon! I did the most extreme flying fox in the world! Ayesha and Lakshmi did bungy jumping!! Good on ya, girls! Some photos and details HERE!!

Ouhh, what a long entry. Okay, overall, in my opinion, the most challenging and adrenaline rush rafting was the PADAS RIVER RAFTING and the most AMAZING trip, beautiful view and exciting rafting was the Rangitike Rivervalley trip! I enjoyed all my rafting trips so much! The most important thing is not just because of the rafting itself but basically refer to ‘with whom’ did we do all those things. I am very glad to have many awesome family members & friends that always join me doing those adventures and wicked activities in Malaysia, Borneo and NewZealand 🙂 🙂 🙂 Love you all!~


Rangitike River, Rivervalley in NZ:

Padas River, Non-stop adrenaline rush!

Kampar River, Perak:


  1. Hi, Brian here from River Valley. Just want to say thank you for posting about the fun time you had on a Rangitikei River trip.

    All the best with your future rafting trips. Remember every river is different!


    • huserk

      Hi Brian! Thanks for your comment. Yeahh every river is different and rivervalley is the most beautiful that I’ve seen. I heard that during winter time the water level is higher, so must be more challenging and exciting! cheers!

  2. Iz

    aritu aku ada buat proposal mende alah ni untuk company.. tapi tah.. diam je.. org takut kot.. aku pun takot.. haha..

  3. boronboulbaep

    wow~!!what an experiences you have.~i am truly inspired.
    thanks for sharing, i hope one day i could be like you.

  4. Bamin the Best

    weh!! ni geram ni tgk kakna dah rafting byk tempat.
    bamin kt sini dok ajak mmbe2 bamin tp semua xleh pakai.
    last min ada ja alsan ni la tu la. adeyh~ geramm jer.
    kt selangor ada tmpt rafting gak. kat hulu selangor.
    jom balik msia t kita pi ramai2 nak?

    • ijannina

      haah bamin jom nanti kite try kuala selangor yerrrr. huserk, blk cepat=)

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