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nothing much~ random

Salam, Hi again,

Nothing much to say. Well..I have been extremely busy with my theses writing. I don’t really have much time  now, so I just speed up my work and do as best as I can. But at the same time, never forget to do workout. Sometimes I run, and sometimes I just join the body attack and body pump classes. I really like body attack cause it involves lots of running and moving here and there. It is not kind-of dancing aerobics class, like body jam..but it really test your fitness level. Go and challenge yourself for those who never been to body attack class yet. Haha, I like to say that I am body attacker and body pumper, because I really like these two classes, but in fact i am not fit enough and not strong enough, and not deserve to be called attacker or pumper! Ouhh, kiwi people over here are so strong and fit! I wanna be like them too…

Ouhh, I went to Nz bank today to terminate my National Fund account. They asked me the reason to terminate it, and I told that I am finishing my study. Well.. the conversation is something like this ‘May I know what is the reason do you wanna terminate this account?, said the bank officer. I replied ‘Well, I am finishing my study at the end of this year, and just wanna terminate it now’. She replied back (after checking my bank account), ‘Ouhh I know, it is because you are running out of money’ and she just smiled at me then. Then I just laughed and said… haha yeahh that’s the real reason actually. Haha buat malu jee.. So yeah, I don’t really have enough money now. I didn’t get any allowance or salary at all, due to my study extension. Well, it’s okay, pain is just temporary. Life goes on =) Work work work..cammon huszzz haha~

Haa.. well.. nothing much to update actually. Yesterday I had a nice 7.6km run for about an hour, yeahh it is pretty slow, well I just go with my own pace..heee but at least i never stop and keep hitting the ground on and on and on…

Okay, tomorrow is going to be the 1st Ramadhan in NZ. Ramadhan Kareem to all muslim! Let’s make this Ramadhan better than the previous one and the best as we can. Happy fasting =)

Well, that’s it I guess.. oh yeah, those who wanna play basketball, please come to rec centre at 430pm tomorrow, Thursday. It seems like Thursday is going to be ‘the basketball day’ for me. I have started playing with friends every thursday for 3 consecutive weeks. So yeah, let’s rock the court every thursday gang!

Okie dokie, till we meet again~

Salaam Ramadhan Mubarak’ 😀

ouhh not forget to tell ya, I am newly certified diver now, fresh from Fiji 🙂 BULA!


  1. huserk diver?? congrats!!! aaaaaaaaaa nate diver!!! geng ngan angah aa pasnie:P

  2. wah certified diver!! nanti leh g hanimun kat tempat yg bole selam menyelam gitu. ahaks

    • huserk

      heheheh of coz after this semua destination melibatkan diving~

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