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no 22

I am proud that Malaysia rank no 22 in the global peace index 2010 – how come we beat Sgpore? and our rank close to aussie too. Well, not too bad ay~

and also…

proud that NZ is the number ONE! the world most peaceful country on earth! ahahaaa… yeaah awesome!

that’s why I just love staying here in NZ hehe 😛

check this out!—>  Global peace index 2010

p/s : I am taking 15 mins break from writing…woahhh penattt!



  1. ar9

    haha.. bangga lah dengan NZ nya..hehe

    keh kakna.nnti balik crita sikit psal NZ nk selit dlm novel ckit..

  2. funy

    tak leh compare nz. kat sana small country. dan jauh dari civilisation. kambing biri2 banyak..

    so senang nak control..

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