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Time is killing me~ ouchh

I wish I have more than 24-hours in a day. I wish I have more time to run, play basketball, go to the gym and also go tramping. I missed lots of body pump and body attack classes. I am not physically strong enough, yet my fitness level is going down! But I try to keep on running, at least once or twice a week! This is how I release my stress.

Anyway… I really need to maintain strong, mentally and spiritually strong… in order to finish up my theses . and I am lack of time… seriously, am I going to make it? Ouh.. November is coming.. and I am not ready yet! Panic!

Time is killing me.


God,  I know you always hear my prayer, I am the one that have to struggle… TILL THE END!

p/s : I know this is not a happy and interesting post. hurmmm…



  1. Iz

    hehe.. relax2.. prioritize balik task2 tu.. kalau aku panic camni, aku akan tulis semua yg berserabut dlm kepala ni atas kertas, then allocate masa utk satu2.. dah tgk tu, baru lega sikit.. n ade la extra motivation.. hehe..

    • huserk

      betul faiz, mmg along pun dok suh list out on paper utk rasa ringan skit kpala. thanks! btw hope hang pun dah makin biasa dgn life baru yg lebih mencabar and at the same time hari bahagia hari2. kirim salam kat baby Qaid yg chumel tu!

  2. ar9

    chayo’ gambatte.

    ada hikmah semuanya walaupun pahit. 🙂

    • huserk

      thanks ariffah, tak pahit cuma kalut hehehe
      anyway, surah inshirah, Allah bersabda: setiap kesulitan disusuli kemudahan dan diulang lagi…
      inshaAllah setiap yg susah ada ganjarah kemudiannya, pain is temporary, pride is forever! mari sama2 berusahaaaaa~

  3. Ayah

    My Dear Daughter:
    You’re a very tough girl. Sungai Padas daqh conquer, Sipadan dan conquer, Fiji dah conquer, Kinabalu 2 kali conquer, black water rafting dah lalui … etc etc. In all those episode you CONQUER YOURSELF actually. At hindsight … habiskan theses should be easier … your only challenged is time. For that, divide your major tasks/activities in order of preference and as kata Nike … JUST DO IT. Remember apa katra Adidas IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING. So menurut Maxis ACTIVE YOUR LIFE … cause I know, and Celcom knows it that SEMUANYA DALAM TANGAN SAYA …. Bravo my dear girl. Best of luck. Loving you always. Ayah

    • huserk

      hehe BESTNYAAAA dapat nasihat dari ayah dlm blog hehehe…
      nasihat yg cool n memberansangkan~! THANKS AYAH!! yeah you are right, it is just a matter of TIME! wooosshh need to speed up! thanks dear ayah, salam sayang from husnabaik, NZ =)

    • Iz

      Faiz likes this! =)

  4. Boulbaep

    Stuff of legend. =)

  5. nur

    chayok akak chayok~;D

  6. azaBest tol bile ayah komen…banyak kata2 motivasi for application…
    way to go husna!~….

    one little person among those who wait for you to come back to this 22nd ranking country in global peace index

  7. imah

    huserk, im glad i read this, ur post really inspired me.. im dealing the same situation here.. fyp writing.. ~~ missing u around.. gambate fusuna! all the best..

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