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my slow 10.5k run

Untitled by huserk at Garmin Connect – Details.

10.5km, slow pace; not good enough, today i ran a bit slow than previous 8k run.. but yeahh maybe that is why i can run longer.  It has been a while I haven’t run for more than 30 minutes, due to knee injury since early last year. Anyway, I would like to increase my pace a bit more, and at the same time, need to set a new goal… my next goal would be 20ks… hurmm but i need more time, and energy of course. give me till next year perhaps. Any tips or advice for me? to keep me active running and hit the groud? runners out there? speak out, cammon 🙂 I would be much appreciated for all your advice/support/motivation/tips.

oh yeah.. i am going to present my theses to the whole department next friday, huuu i am nervous~!




  1. Haza

    Can’t remember how to run 10k straight anymore 😀
    Good going there!

    • huserk

      my last 10k was last year, then I dont know why I didnt continue running after that, oh yeahh my knee! then I stopped for a bout 1 yr and now start running back again 🙂 well, inspired by you too! 🙂 thanks!

  2. Iz

    all the best! 🙂

  3. cik cahaya

    all the best kak husna.chaiyok.

  4. huserk

    thanks kawan2ku yg best =)

  5. HazarilFirdausAli

    best of lucksssssssss (hehe nak best jugak la kunun aku ni)..

    know wut? tiap kali aku nak kena present, aku akan teringat crita ayah hang punya interview nak amik master ka phd ka tah tu, and aku sure akan leh buat.

    kesimpulannya : of coz la ang pun BULEH!


  6. imah

    huserk good luck 4 ur theses presentation ^^
    postcard dah sampai.. thanx.. cantik NZ.. mak, bapa n ira kim slm.. looking forward to c u .. of course la d Sabah .. hehehe

  7. Husna mcm mana present theses??? Cedritala kat entreyyyyy

    aritu cik dah baca ini entry tapi terlujpa nak wish, better late than never! All the best hope husna did the bestest! and got the best result!!!!

    Sedihkan nak tinggal tempat belajar.. bye bye NZ…

  8. kakirunner

    hye huserk,

    i know u can do it,

    always remember dis if u want to improve:
    running have 3 basic steps:
    1)improve yr endurance
    2)improve yr strength
    3)improve yr speed

    so if u want improve yr speed u should follow the 1st n 2nd step first..
    endurance need a long time to improve…3 month minimum..
    wat to do? to improve yr endurance u should run more based on yr timing, dont focus on yr mileage…maybe u can try using yr HR monitor for yr training…

    example: start with 30min per day (4 times a week – min)
    increase to 40min for next week…
    maintain this for 4 to 6 weeks..(3 month is better)
    on dat time u can try to improve yr strength also, for example run on hill one time a week..

    if u need some advice i can help u..all da best…

    owh..Btw.. u should improve yr running technique and breathing also..
    try to practice running with yr middle foot (POSE TECHNIQUE)


    • huserk

      THANKS A LOT FOR YOUR ADVISE AND TIPS!! all da best 2 u 2!

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