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Happy birthday :)

Salam and Hi to All,

It has been a month I haven’t updated anything. Guess what? I am home now (Malaysia), for good. But…. (there is still but) I still havent finish my study yet. Ohhh.. I am still writing my theses, and I have to make sure that I can finish it as soon as I can. Work hard, I MUST! But… (again..) at the same time I have to do lots of things to settling down in KL, I have to find a house to stay, a car to drive, and lots of other things… so many thing, so little time! So yeah, I have leaved palmy, NZ for good. I miss the NZ environment and life over there…huhuh.. anyway, I will still activate my WordPress, cause I will keep activating my life, no matter where and when, inshaAllah.

To my dear best friend, Happy birthday to you. Do your best in your study, the utmost important thing in your life and I know you have a strong passion on it. Thanks for being my best friend and always be there for me. You have taught me lots of thing, to become a better person. You are always there for everyone, especially your family. We all love you very much. Take good care and have a bright day on your birthday 😀 and everyday! Keep smiling cause I love your smile! Happy birthday Along!

Cheers, Awekcun  heheeeee

Okay folks, see ya later! There are many things to share, but just give me more time!!! I need more than 24hrs/day! haha


  1. Cik NOha

    Happy birthday ALong. wahh Kak Husna, this year dah tak lupa ye? :p

    good luck to both of u.,cant wait to see u soon.:D


    • huserk

      hehe klaka tau noha, along ingat khuserk akan lupa, then along siap ckp..alaaa ingat ker… baru nak claim tiket suka hati hehehe

  2. Haza

    Welcome home! Happy settling down in summer-all-the-year Malaysia!

    • huserk

      thanks sis!!

  3. Salam Husna,

    1- Kena tukar title blog kepada “active your life in Serdang – steps follow jalan yang takde traffic jam” pulak keh keh keh!!!

    2- Allah dah kasi 24 sehari kepada manusia. Should be enough :p

    3- Nicol david datang Palmy lah! Kenapa balik awal? Semua orang datang sokong bila team Malaysia main kat IPC. Semua ambik gambar sorang sorang dengan players. Jangan jealous he he he…

    4- Good luck! tak sempat jumpa kat airport haritu, tengah cari parking kereta.

  4. Tau ang dah balik, dari Nurul. Dia mai umah ari tu. Huhuu.
    Ang cari umah ka? Area mana, jenis mana.. habaq mai…

  5. tell me about it! I need more than 48 hours a day! if only i can control time.haha.. merepek je ana nih.. ><

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