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‘it’ is something BIG for me

Assalamualaikum and Hello world,

Some thoughts of mine before ‘it’ happens;

I want it to be very special… for me and for my families (Mine and Along’s), for me, this is the time for us to get close together.

I want it to be simple but very meaningful,

I want it to be exclusive and privilege to those who will be there,

I want it to be bright, cheerful and happy for everyone,

I pray that it will be full of barakah and Allah bless everyone on the day, inshaAllah,

and.. the word ‘it’ is.. my wedding day. I am getting married..very soon. To a very best friend of mine. Alhamdulillah =D

and… I have to remind myself, that what I did or want to do, or what I want to achieve, I must remember, the main intention is for Allah. I wanna be a better person, a better Muslim and hope for the best in the future, and hope ‘we’ are able to build a happy and healthy family, with full of bless from God. Amin.

To all relatives/friends/readers, I will send the wedding invitation card/message/text to you for the reception ceremony, but not that soon, cause it will be held in February 2011, inshaAllah.

THANKS so much to families and friends that have helped me a lot in preparing my special day. And also Thanks for the gifts, wishes, and pray. Thank you!

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  1. fairuz

    Moga Allah redha Kak Hus 🙂

  2. Iz

    Aminn.. aminn.. aminn.. 🙂

  3. tahniah huserk!!

    semoga menjadi orang yang LEBIH rajin iron baju lepas ni 😛

    • hahaha lawak.. tapi mmg now dah planning nak ada steam iron, siap minta org hadiahkan..sgt la sesuai utk org yg malas iron baju mcm saya ni hahah. saya n suami siap nak main aci, sapa kalah kena iron baju. heheheee

  4. congrats.

    haha,sibuk je komen..

  5. Cun.. tahniah weh.

  6. Salam huserk, TAHNIAH, aku doakan semoga perkahwinan ang diberkati dan berbahagian hingga ke akhir hayat:)

  7. Thanks to all the wishes and prays. May Allah bless you all too =)

  8. zarina

    congrats husna! =) semoga semua bejalan lancar, as what you wished for. dan gembira selalu, dunia akhirat =)

    happpyyy utk hang!! tringat gosip mlm kat hotel hehehehehe

  9. mabruk2! alhamdulillah akak dah pertemukan jodoh dr Allah. doa2 spy akan berkekalan ke akhirat..

    =) *happY*

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