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hurmm.. i know..

Hello all people around the world,

Yes, I know, I admit it, I haven’t update anything since my last post, which is about a year ago? Oups.. sorry.. Well.. I don’t know how to start, where to start, and WHAT to start. there is so many things to share. Well.. because of that, I just stop here. hahaha.. maybe the next will come out soon.. HOPEFULLY.

Well..maybe no one read my blog anymore, I don’t know. Well.. I will start active back again, but not that soon.. maybe at the end of this year. Sorry for that. Okay, later and thanks if you are still reading my blog!

the blog owner who is not active in NZ anymore 😛


  1. ada yang baca.. tulih ja..

    • wahh laju benor feedback, thanks sbb still setia walau dah usang gak blog ni haha

  2. Hazard Ali


  3. ctpolaris

    saya pon baca gakkkk,hehe

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