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A new journey

I came here to learn and gain knowledge, inshaAllah. My supervisor said..  work extremely hard for a couple of months.. and reward yourself after you achieve your goal. You can then enjoy as much as you want without feeling guilty.  Yeahh.. this is healthy indeed. Here I am in London..  studying at UCL, surrounding by expertise around the world. I have to use this opportunity wisely..try to get as much as i can from them; knowledge, experience, guide, advice, skills, etc. I come here purely to learn and gain experience, seriously, unlike when i was  in nz…. i was looking forward to traveling as well..hehe.. this time is totally different. So.. perhaps after this..they wont be so much post about travelling in the uk, or europe… but maybe more about my pass experiences traveling in Nz. Well.. I cant deny that I like nz more.. but it is okay.. i came here to learn, so I don’t expect much from London..except from my university. I am very glad to have a great supervisors here in ucl. Both of my supervisors are very helpful, supportive, smart, brilliant,and lovely! Hahah sound too good right..yah alhamdulillah.. im so glad. What i need now is just to work hard and persistent! And keep writing? Nerdy entry..right…hehehe…

To my other half, abamm sayang; to my family; to my lovely friends.. Thank you so much for your never ending support and love!

Here are some photos of london! Such a beautiful and lively city! (random photos from my phone)

wpid-20121214_081456.jpg wpid-IMG_20121215_114015.jpg wpid-20130110_114642.jpg wpid-IMG_20130110_121120.jpg wpid-20130106_102039.jpg wpid-20121231_190035.jpg wpid-20121214_210337.jpg wpid-20121214_195725.jpg wpid-20121214_223905.jpg wpid-20121214_223700.jpg wpid-20130114_083208.jpg wpid-20130114_083356.jpg wpid-IMG_20130114_084357.jpg wpid-20130114_075643.jpg

Beatiful right! See ya in the next entry! Till then…later


  1. aza

    At last..^^
    Miss u buddy…balik nanti dah ‘wajib’ visit kami2 yer..
    setahun ke dua tahun kat sana?

  2. huserk

    Yahh Aza… betul2 wajib dah ni hehe nak tgok second baby..inshaAllah. Take care dear friend. Kami dok 3-4 thn.. nak try make it 3 thn inshaAllah. Sama-sama kita doakan ya 🙂

    • Faiz


    • aza

      InsyaAllah wei..u do your best too!~

  3. GO USERK GO!!

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