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Overwhelming in Prague

Salam and Hello all,

It has been a while.. I know..

I think I am a nomad in London, stayed at 3 different places within this pass 8 months.. and perhaps will move again.. soon..when I start my data collection for my study later.. where? let see where it is going to be.. hehh

Just got back from Prague, Czech Rep. Attended a Clinical Nutrition Summer School, by ESPGHAN. The faculty members were so cool, knowledgable and inspiring! I am overwhelemed with the knowledge that Ive got from the school. Thinking of start writing essays for my favourites lectures – Early life programming, Breastfeeding, Complementary feeding. Seriously.. I am amazed on how the speakers (one of them is my supervisor!), combine all scientific evidence and put together as an amazing story.. truly inspiring! Too many input..non-stop for 5 days! Overwhelmed! I am glad I learnt a lot!

Stayed at the oldest monastery (Brenov monastery) for 5 days, it was just beside an oldest church in Europes. Visit many other old church/monestaries in Prague with my friends, we also went to Jews town in Prague – visited Jews museum, old cemetery and synagogues  One of it is the oldest synogogue in Europe .. and some people were staring at me I guess.. maybe hardly for them to see a muslim girl visit those places.. well. I come to learn and gain experience while I was already in Prague. It was great that I went there with my Jews friend and she was able to tell us more story and history of ancient Jewish history.

Anyway, this is going to be one of an interesting story of my life for my future children and grandchildren as well. A journey and an amazing experience in Prague. I think I have to do more homework to learn about history. It is going to be interesting..

Friends around the world (we are from mexico, malaysia, italy, spain and argentina)

Friends around the world (we are from mexico, malaysia, italy, spain and argentina)

Till then.. more photos will be posted soon.. I guess so.. hehe (malas gak sbenarnya).

-peace be upon you, salam-

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  1. ayah

    interesting dear. tu saja tulis …mletih baru smpai hotel fr Tawau

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