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About me…

Assalamualaikum, HI, kia ora, konniciwa, venekem, hello, howdy to everyone out there…
I’m writing this blog to improve my English especially in writing. Ive started writing this blog since I arrived New Zealand in July 2008. currently, I’m doing postgraduate study in Massey University. I would like to share my life experiences esp here, in New Zealand. I love travelling and wish to travel all around New Zealand. I choose NZ because of the nature andbeautiful scenery over here. Oh ya… there are lots of outdoor activities that I can enjoy here…it’s like a heaven for those who really love outdoor activities.. tramping (travel and camping), skiing, bungee jumping, white and BLACK water rafting, caving and many2 more…
come to New Zealand and enjoy ur life here!



  1. beca-film

    White and BLACK? waterraftingg… biaqq betuiiii .. wujudd kaa?

    • huserk

      black water rafting xdak g kt msia NZ mmg mantap. black water rafting – rafting masuk dlm gua! gila adventurous dan menakutkan ja.. haha

  2. Hi,
    I came upon your blog through your Flickr page which showed up as I was Googling something else. Is your name Fusuna? If that’s the case, we seem to share names. I have taught English to many students and if you wish to correspond to practice your writing, I’ll be happy to write back. I am writing from Canada.

    Assalamualaikum to you, and your English souds pretty good already.

    • huserk

      Waalaikumusalam (peace be upon you)

      Hi Fusun A.

      How nice of you, really glad to have you commenting and visiting my blog 🙂 My real name is Husna but it will be ‘fusuna’ if I change to the Japanese Language. Yeah, Im practising my english and eagerly want to improve my writing and speaking skill. Thank you so much for your offer, hope we can keep in touch. Nice to know you 🙂

  3. huserk..

    how’s ur life also running out of time!!ouhhhhhhhh.. supposed to finish my MSc research by the end of next June, but until now, I still dun hv any analysis result..huhuhu..panic jugak!

  4. wani yusof

    nice blog….

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