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Roundup 2011

Assalamualaikum, may peace be upon y’ all,

It’s already February 2012! How time flies so fast, I don’t even realize that January ended few days ago. And I had skip a year in writing this blog.. pheww sorry folks.

Let’s roundup the whole year that i skipped, 2011, and I name it as

A year of new beginnings‘ ūüôā

January 2011 : I’ve got married in December 2010 but the wedding reception was held in January 2011, combined with my sister’s big day (She got married a day before the wedding reception, so we did it together); more blessed I guess, inshaAllah. Alhamdulillah, it has been more than one year of my marriage now, and I am very happy and blessed to share my life with my beloved husband. Everyday is special for me, we can’t stop loving each other and the love is growing day by day, year by year, inshaAllah. Faiz, now I understand why you keep on saying ‘kawin tu best dan membahagiakan‘. My husband and I are best friend since we were in college, and now he is my soulmate, and of course, he is my bestfriend forever!

Again, million thanks to family and friends (you know who you are) that lend their hand in making the wedding ceremony lively and memorable. Thank you four your wishes, pray, du’a, gifts, and those who sponsored here and there.. I am so thankful and glad to have you all by my side, alhamdulillah.

April 2011 : Submitted my master thesis, and officially graduated in November. Alhamdulillah, I am sooo glad and relief! Pheww at last I made it, after had overcome many obstacles and challenges. My master thesis has been published online my Massey Univ Library. Special thanks to my husband who helped me with writing, and always give full and strong support and being my backbone all the time, Thanks shayamm! Not to forget, all friends and family as well as all participants that help me a lot in completing my research. Dont worry, your name is in the thesis (the acknowledgment part), click the photo below to see your name. The utmost important, I am most grateful to be supervised by my supervisor, Louise and Jane, the co-sv. Million thank you for your help and support.

p/s: I am no longer in NZ now, finished my master and now miss NZ so much!!

And not to forget… very happy for a new addition to my family, a new member to Ariff Kor’s family.. My sis, Angah, safely delivered a cute baby girl (21 April 2011), named Safiyya Marisse! Mak Long love u so much!

Along the year: I able to attend many training courses and conferences around Malaysia, including Sarawak, and also one in Bangkok. I presented several posters in several conferences; maybe next time I should try oral presentation (when I think I am ready lah hehehe).

July 2011 : Went to a beutiful island with husband and did 8 dives. We thought this would be our honeymoon (relaxing holiday) but turn up to be a very adventurous and tiring holiday, yet I’m very satisfied with my diving activities. I won’t call this as a honeymoon trip as we dont feel like one, seriously, this is a very tiring holiday as I did 2-3 dives/day. Anyway, I really enjoyed the road trip and of course really-really-really satisfied with my diving activities. Really looking forward to another diving trip..haha but need to save more money first lah.

October – Novermber 2011 : Busy months! My department organised a national seminar (Maternal and Child Nutrition) and also a national conference (Functional Food Conference). And I was one of the organizing committee and secretariat for both programs. Glad that everything went well, and satisfied with the programs.

Not to forget:¬† Yayyyy NZ won the 2011 Rugby World Cup!¬† and another big YAYY to Harimau Malaya Malaysia’s Football team for winning the SEA games 2011. Congratulation! My husband and I watched the games from home, and cheered for both teams like we were in the stadium, haha such a great moment!

December 2011 : I can say that 2011 ended with a happy news : A new addition to my family! Another grandaughter to my dad. My sister delivered a cute baby girl, named Balqis Hanani. Congrats to Cik and Abg Shamsul. So happy for them, praised to Allah, Alhamdulillah.

End of year!! Celebrated our 1st anniversary : participate in a running event for a recycling campaign in Putrajaya. Such a sweet 2011!


Well that basically the sweet 2011 for me. Looking forward to a new adventure of 2012. Hope all of you had a great memorable 2011 and all the best in 2012! Cherish every single moment in your life and with love one!

Dedicate your life to a cause greater than yourself, and your life will become a glorious romance and adventure.” ~Mack Douglas

p/s : at last! I manage to post an entry after a year! and roundup everything! hahahaha


  1. Hazard Ali

    Nak tunggu DragonBall kuaq tiap bulan dulu pun tak sesaspen tunggu hang update!

    Hahaha. Keep on writing weh.
    Life experience is the best blogging content, EVER!

  2. haha husna…so long missing you..sometimes as i round this seri kembangan, still memorizing good times we had together…

    And yes…still reading your blog..(with this hazaril firdaus again? arghhh)

    And i had mine too…feel free to visit my normal-everyday-routine-activities-not-to-compare-to-the-adventurous-days-of-yours blog…

    your ex-housemate.

  3. more.

    I bought a simple gift for you during my honeymoon at Berlin. That was when amir is still a month in my tummy.

    And now amir is 14 months outside, already walking and start running..and the gift is still with me.

    Haha…when to meet up?

    • huserk

      Heheee… Aza.. miss u too definitely ūüôā Hehe dah besar Amir.. anak Maya dah 2 kan? bebila jum la buat reunion housemate haha.. Ina dah ada anak? Dia pun xtau xdgr kabar berita =)

      Anyway, thanks for the gift yg xtersampai lg hehe.. sama la kita ada g swak beli baju utk anak Aza, tp xtau la kalau muat lagi huhu… so, bila bley meet up eh.. heee nanti kita plan kot email noooo…

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