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fiji~ i like


i badly wanna go to FIJI..

but most of my friends here are thinking about their budget..

well i understand that… since this is quite a last minute plan, so the flight ticket to fiji is very expensive.

so..i dont think i can go there alone..actually im willing to go there alone, but for safety reason, i dont think my parents would allow me to do so.. i really2 wanna go there.. and planning to take an open water diving course. anyone interested? jum lah join nanti!

well.. maybe next time, somehow, some day… i WILL go there while im studying here in NZ

okay then… plan B –> the SOUTH ISLAND of New Zealand, activate yourself in NZ!

THIS IS WHY I AM CRAZY TO GO TO FIJI! (see photos n youtube!)

AMAZING kannn??!!

even snorkeling is great too!

even snorkeling is great too!

clear-water beb!

crystal-clear water beb!

SubhanAllah.. so beautiful!

So.. FIJI.. see ya later.. dont know when..but soon hahaaa

(photos from,,


  1. ayu

    i wish i could join u but i know i couldnt

  2. caffeine escapade

    ok..tgk gmbr pun dah teruja..
    mak aih cantik gila!!!
    ni buat rs t’gedik2 nk pegi ni..
    dh boleh byg betapa bestnya scuba diving kt situ..
    thn depan ok ak serk? set? 😉

    • huserk

      TRETS!!! ok kalo ko bebetul nak p ble set awal2 ah.. beli airasia kl-melbourne, then amek budget flight melbourne-fiji. pehtu jumpa d fiji, pehtu sama2 balik NZ kita round2 NZ! amcem? cun kena plan awal2 utk make sure dpt flight murah la.. tgok weh…aku pun meleleh air liur tgok fiji hahahahaha

  3. caffeine escapade

    I’Allah serk..aku dh agak terpengaruh dh ni..hehe
    kena start kumpul duit dh..nnti kita plan baeeek nya k.
    bila lg kan nk merasa p NZ..huhu

  4. makcu

    mak aihh ikan golek golek hehehe..selamat bercuti!

  5. FUHH,,seronok nye merantau tempat org…
    selamat becuti ye

  6. nabil

    ooh tu dia.. subhanallah..cantik benoo.. haha.. akak p south island ngan sapa gak..?.. sonoknya.. tak sempat gi travel south island.. sempt p otago dan ade la sikit tepmt lain.. tak ingt.. hehe

    epi berjalan jalan.. hoho..


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