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my slow 10.5k run

Untitled by huserk at Garmin Connect – Details.

10.5km, slow pace; not good enough, today i ran a bit slow than previous 8k run.. but yeahh maybe that is why i can run longer.  It has been a while I haven’t run for more than 30 minutes, due to knee injury since early last year. Anyway, I would like to increase my pace a bit more, and at the same time, need to set a new goal… my next goal would be 20ks… hurmm but i need more time, and energy of course. give me till next year perhaps. Any tips or advice for me? to keep me active running and hit the groud? runners out there? speak out, cammon 🙂 I would be much appreciated for all your advice/support/motivation/tips.

oh yeah.. i am going to present my theses to the whole department next friday, huuu i am nervous~!



Special for you…

To my bestest friend,  Along…

I would like to dedicated this special song just for you:

For you my dear friend:

Sometimes in our lives we all have pain
We all have sorrow
But if we are wise
We know that there’s always tomorrow

Lean on me, when you’re not strong
And I’ll be your friend
I’ll help you carry on
For it won’t be long
‘Til I’m gonna need
Somebody to lean on

Please swallow your pride
If I have things you need to borrow
For no one can fill those of your needs
That you don’t let show

Lean on me, when you’re not strong
And I’ll be your friend
I’ll help you carry on
For it won’t be long
‘Til I’m gonna need
Somebody to lean on

If there is a load you have to bear
That you can’t carry
I’m right up the road
I’ll share your load
If you just call me

So just call on me brother, when you need a hand
We all need somebody to lean on
I just might have a problem that you’d understand
We all need somebody to lean on

Lean on me when you’re not strong
And I’ll be your friend
I’ll help you carry on
For it won’t be long
Till I’m gonna need
Somebody to lean on

Lean on me…

Thanks for being there for me and I am always there for you, inshaAllah. Yes I will, always, be with you by your side…  Please, forgive all my wrongdoing and lets hope for the best on each other.


Nurul Husna

massey to hokowhitu slow run

massey to hokowhitu by huserk at Garmin Connect – Details.

slow run. superb weather. bumped into many people that i knew including my fav body pump instructor, Kristy. oh kak lela too, nice bike kak lela =)

oh you know what I was thinking while running? How SAD to leave new zealand soon 😦

I just love staying here! seriously!

just like i love staying in sabah! heee

Time is killing me~ ouchh

I wish I have more than 24-hours in a day. I wish I have more time to run, play basketball, go to the gym and also go tramping. I missed lots of body pump and body attack classes. I am not physically strong enough, yet my fitness level is going down! But I try to keep on running, at least once or twice a week! This is how I release my stress.

Anyway… I really need to maintain strong, mentally and spiritually strong… in order to finish up my theses . and I am lack of time… seriously, am I going to make it? Ouh.. November is coming.. and I am not ready yet! Panic!

Time is killing me.


God,  I know you always hear my prayer, I am the one that have to struggle… TILL THE END!

p/s : I know this is not a happy and interesting post. hurmmm…

Long process… Kursus Kahwin ‘Malaysia’

Assalamualaikum… (peace be upon you)

Heyyaaa.. what’s up? How’s your Ramadhan my sisters and brothers out there? It is the last week of Ramadhan now, ouhh, I dont really feel like celebrating Eid, I want Ramadhan to be longer, cause I feel more peace and relax during this holy month. Anyway, what the best thing during Eid is family gathering. I like staying at home and love having my family around. I cant wait for my sister (cik) and brothers (abg, bancik) to come back home together with their families and kids! I miss my nieces and nephews everyday.. just cant wait to see them!! cepatla balik kampung!!

Okay, actually, I would like to share my experience attending Kursus Kahwin (course on marriage) in Malaysia. Just a brief review, perhaps. In Malaysia, it is compulsory to attend 2 days kursus kahwin before we get married (for muslim marriage). There are lots of procedure we have to follow in order to get married in Malaysia, this including attending kursus kahwin, do HIIV test, and involves lots of documentation – forms, certificates, photocopies of certain documents and IDs and need to register at certain pejabat agama daerah/negeri to get permit for marriage. Well, this might sounds confusing, but you may get more clear after you attend kursus kahwin – for those who want to get married in the future.

I attended Kursus perkahwinan Zura’s Akademik in Bangsar, KL. I chose Zura’s because they offer the course for almost every weekend, including in the Ramadhan month. I attended the course alone, not with Along, cause both of us plan to do it separately in the first place, we just felt weird attending kursus kahwin together, hahaha I dont know why. Along sent me to the place on the 1st day, and seeing lots of couple registered the course together make us laughed, hehehehee.. Well, for me and Along, it was funny seeing each couple sitting together and filling the form seriously, while waiting for the program to get started. So, we laughed quietly together seeing those people..oupsss sorry.. It was just our feeling , please don’t feel offended to those who attended kursus kahwin together (I bet lots of you did it together).  So, I chased Along to go back home  quickly after we arrived there, cause I can do everything by myself.  hehee..

Overall, the course was okay (bolehla), not too bad. But for me, it is not satisfied enough spending 2 days for the kursus. May be I am used to NZ style, any course/seminar in NZ is usually short, simple but compact and well presented. And 2 days course is way too long for me. And I expected to get lots of knowledge since it was 2 days, but it was below my expectation. Some of speakers sometimes like to make non-sense jokes and sometimes out of topic. Some of them are good speakers but what I found was, they were limit to the syllabus that they needed to follow. I expected them to give more talk about husband’s and wife’s responsibility after marriage – responsible to make sure the marriage will always get bless from God, how to build a healthy and islamic family, good deeds that husband and wife can do together, and maybe give some good dua’, hadith and words from God (nas from Quran), on how to build a healthy relation/family and grow kids in the future. It would be great if they can tell us good stories about husband and wife, taken from sirah nabi, para sahabat and para anbiya’. There are lots of good examples/stories that had been mentioned in the Quran, hadith and islamic history. Am I expecting/demanding too much?

Well, one of the main purpose of kursus kahwin is to prevent bad marriage or avoid divorce and other bad things that could happen after marriage.  So, they should emphasize on marriage according to islamic way. Islam is the way of life, lots of guidance/reminder/advice has been mentioned in the Quran, especially in suratul Nisa’, Nur, Thalaq and lots more (please advise). InshaAllah, all of us can see a beautiful and wonderful love and marriage according to islamic way, if both husband and wife keep seeking guidance and bless from Allah, and inshaAllah can guide and lead us all to Jannah, Amin.

Well, in term of procedure/application process to get married, Zura’s akademic is really good on it. But sometimes I felt it  was too much since they explained one by one for each cases (although it is not related to our case) and keep on repeating it many times from time to time. Yeahh.. maybe it is important to make sure all people dont get confuse and know exactly what to do next. And yeah, they were good on time, since everything went well and on time. I like people being punctual, dont you? Anyway, I really dont like the last session: merisik, engagement and wedding sketch/scene, it is just totally wasting my time and not necessary at all! and.. yeayy i able to survive in the 2 days course at Zura’s.

Anyway, I would like to thanks to Zura’s Akademik, and all speakers for sharing their knowledge and experience. I can’t compare Zura’s to other companies since I didnt read any review or study about other companies that offer kursus kahwin. What I can say is.. there is a long process that I need to get it done, now! phewww~ Well…. to be sincere, I would recommend other place if you want to learn more about islamic marriage, but if you just want to know the procedure and get the certificate, you can choose which ever company offering kursus kahwin, up to you, guys~! Frankly speaking, I didnt learn lots of islamic value in marriage from Zura’s academic 😦

Selamat meneruskan ibadah puasa dan mudah-mudahan kita sama-sama mengejar malam lailatul-qadar, inshaAllah. See ya! Wassalamualaikum, till meet again. daa…

Almighty Allah says in the Qur’an, translation verse 30:21 – And among His Signs is this, that He created for you mates from among yourselves, that ye may dwell in tranquillity with them, and He has put love and mercy between your (hearts): verily in that are Signs for those who reflect.

Sharing some hadith:

Verily, the most perfect amongst believers in faith is he who is the best in manner and the kindest to his wife. – The Prophet of Islam (saw)

Any woman who dies when her husband is pleased with her will enter Paradise. – The Prophet of Islam (saw)

The best of you, is the one who is best to his wives, and I am the best of you toward my wives. (Imam Ghazzali’s Ihya Ulum-Id-Din, VolumeII, p.32)

The best things that a man leaves behind after his death are a virtuous child who invokes Allah for him, a perpetual charity, the reward of which reaches him, and a beneficial knowledge which remains useful after him. (Abu Katada Hadith)

May Allah bless a man who creates a good relationship with his wife, because Allah has appointed man to be the guardian of his wife. – Imam Ja’far al-Sadiq (as)

The best women among your women are those who show appreciation when their husbands bring home something and are not discontented if nothing is brought home. – Imam Ja’far al-Sadiq (as)

more hadith about marriage OVERHERE.

p/s = my younger sis went to kursus kahwin in shah alam, and she said it was good. like i said, it depends to the company, i guess. So, selamat berkursus kahwin for those who havent gone yet 🙂

no 22

I am proud that Malaysia rank no 22 in the global peace index 2010 – how come we beat Sgpore? and our rank close to aussie too. Well, not too bad ay~

and also…

proud that NZ is the number ONE! the world most peaceful country on earth! ahahaaa… yeaah awesome!

that’s why I just love staying here in NZ hehe 😛

check this out!—>  Global peace index 2010

p/s : I am taking 15 mins break from writing…woahhh penattt!

nothing much~ random

Salam, Hi again,

Nothing much to say. Well..I have been extremely busy with my theses writing. I don’t really have much time  now, so I just speed up my work and do as best as I can. But at the same time, never forget to do workout. Sometimes I run, and sometimes I just join the body attack and body pump classes. I really like body attack cause it involves lots of running and moving here and there. It is not kind-of dancing aerobics class, like body jam..but it really test your fitness level. Go and challenge yourself for those who never been to body attack class yet. Haha, I like to say that I am body attacker and body pumper, because I really like these two classes, but in fact i am not fit enough and not strong enough, and not deserve to be called attacker or pumper! Ouhh, kiwi people over here are so strong and fit! I wanna be like them too…

Ouhh, I went to Nz bank today to terminate my National Fund account. They asked me the reason to terminate it, and I told that I am finishing my study. Well.. the conversation is something like this ‘May I know what is the reason do you wanna terminate this account?, said the bank officer. I replied ‘Well, I am finishing my study at the end of this year, and just wanna terminate it now’. She replied back (after checking my bank account), ‘Ouhh I know, it is because you are running out of money’ and she just smiled at me then. Then I just laughed and said… haha yeahh that’s the real reason actually. Haha buat malu jee.. So yeah, I don’t really have enough money now. I didn’t get any allowance or salary at all, due to my study extension. Well, it’s okay, pain is just temporary. Life goes on =) Work work work..cammon huszzz haha~

Haa.. well.. nothing much to update actually. Yesterday I had a nice 7.6km run for about an hour, yeahh it is pretty slow, well I just go with my own pace..heee but at least i never stop and keep hitting the ground on and on and on…

Okay, tomorrow is going to be the 1st Ramadhan in NZ. Ramadhan Kareem to all muslim! Let’s make this Ramadhan better than the previous one and the best as we can. Happy fasting =)

Well, that’s it I guess.. oh yeah, those who wanna play basketball, please come to rec centre at 430pm tomorrow, Thursday. It seems like Thursday is going to be ‘the basketball day’ for me. I have started playing with friends every thursday for 3 consecutive weeks. So yeah, let’s rock the court every thursday gang!

Okie dokie, till we meet again~

Salaam Ramadhan Mubarak’ 😀

ouhh not forget to tell ya, I am newly certified diver now, fresh from Fiji 🙂 BULA!

paddle or die?!

Rafting is one of my favourite outdoor activities! Ive been rafting in Sabah, Kedah, Perak (in Malaysia) and also here in NZ! Here are some details of my rafting trips..hee

My very first experience was in Kedah. Long long time ago, it was just an easy level rafting with family. I dont remember what’s the name of the river, but at that time, my family and I had a nice holiday at the Serendah Sekebun Bunga resort, somewhere near Sik. That place was so nice and I enjoyed myself so much! We did some fishing and swimming in the river. Thanks Ayah and Mak for always bringing us to many places and had splendid time together with the whole family! BTW, that place has lot of leeches, eeuww pacat and lintah banyak! heheee

I actively involved in rafting when I was studying in Sabah, my favourite place ever. Heheee.. My first rafting experience were at Padas River; Padas White Water Rafting, Beaufort, Sabah, did it with my best mates. At that time the water level was quite high, and the raft master said it was grade 3-4 rafting. So yeahh, adrenaline pumping almost at all time on the raft! I also jumped out from the raft, just wanna try swimming in that river but ended drowning myself! Heee.. Well, that was an awesome trip with my super cool friends. Most of them are my classmates, housemates and kingfisher’s college residents.

This is not the only first and last time i went there for rafting..but I went there again with along and munie, and AGAIN with along, munie, bamin, makcu and pakcu. We had wonderful Sabah tour trip at that time, yeah twice sabah trip for me. hehe. Well, I have been rafting at other places as well, Kiulu river, Sabah (grade 2-3), Kampar river, Perak (grade 3?) and Rangitike River, in NZ (grade 5). But I think Padas river is the most challenging and adrenaline rush ever! Seriously! Look at the photos below as a proof; non-stop rapid and high water level! Another thing that I like Padas river is the rapid’s name.. all cool name which are: Merry-Go-Round Rapid, Break Point Rapid, Scooby Doo Rapid, Cobra Rapid, Curve Rapid, Lambada Rapid, Washing Machine rapid and Head Hunter Rapid. Each rapid will give you the feel of the motion as what the name means. Interesting hah.. Oh yeah, to go to Padas river, we need to ride an antique train (used since the late 19th century in Borneo). It take quite a long journey on the train but not too bad, it was nice being able to see the local life over there. Here some detail bout the PADAS RIVER RAFTING TRIP!

Kiulu River, Sabah. I did rafting twice over there. The 1st one with my eldest brother, Fitri and the 2nd time with my whole family (including mak and ayah! but ajwad and bancik were’nt there). At that time, my family came to Sabah for my graduation day and at the same time had a short vacation in Sabah. For me, Kiulu is more enjoyable than Padas if we do with family and suitable for kids. We also did body rafting which is so exciting. The rapid is not as challenging as Padas but overall it is good for family  trip, and for those who just wanna enjoy the time rafting along the river. The scenery is also more beautiful than Padas river. Here some details bout the KIULU river RAFTING trip!

Kampar river, Perak. I manage to recruit many people for this trip, mostly family and close friends. We started  with the adventures caving activity in Gua Tempurung, followed by rafting at Kampar river, and then abseiling at the waterfall! Well, for me, Kampar river is about the same as Kiulu River. But the good things is, you can also do other things within 1 day, which are adventures caving and abseiling. Some detail are here (gua tempurung) and here! (abseiling+rafting)

All my rafting trips in Sabah and Perak were organised by RIVERBUG company. I really satisfied with their services. Nice and friendly instructors/guide, good food and good facilities (toilets, changing room, etc). Overall, I really satisfied with them and highly recommended to others. There are many other company too but for me, Riverbug is the best. I also like their motto ‘Paddle or Die‘ hahaaa..

Okay, enough in Malaysia, let’s go to New Zealand. I did 2 types of rafting here. White water rafting and BLACK water rafting. The white water rafting is grade 5 at River valley, Taihape. And what is black water rafting? raft in the caves! Well.. wait for it.. wait for it… LEGENDARY! Haha i really like the black water rafting! Well this is my favourite so I will make a separate entry about this later on! wait for it…. legendary!

Now, the Rangitike River, Rivervalley rafting, it was a superb trip! There were lots of drops, which make it more exciting! Another great thing was, the place is soooo beautiful! Amazing view along the way, from the beginning till the end. I went there with all my best mate in NZ, some of them are from Maldives, India, China, Egypt and of course Msia. We had lots of fun. We learned many new paddle techniques such as drop, hold, to the left, to the right, harder movements, and we all managed to finished the rafting without flip over or bump to the rocks. Details bout the trip–> HERE. Oh yeah, if you want something more challenging, go there during winter time when the water level is high! After rafting, we also went to Mokai Gravity Canyon! I did the most extreme flying fox in the world! Ayesha and Lakshmi did bungy jumping!! Good on ya, girls! Some photos and details HERE!!

Ouhh, what a long entry. Okay, overall, in my opinion, the most challenging and adrenaline rush rafting was the PADAS RIVER RAFTING and the most AMAZING trip, beautiful view and exciting rafting was the Rangitike Rivervalley trip! I enjoyed all my rafting trips so much! The most important thing is not just because of the rafting itself but basically refer to ‘with whom’ did we do all those things. I am very glad to have many awesome family members & friends that always join me doing those adventures and wicked activities in Malaysia, Borneo and NewZealand 🙂 🙂 🙂 Love you all!~


Rangitike River, Rivervalley in NZ:

Padas River, Non-stop adrenaline rush!

Kampar River, Perak:


I’m glad I belong to a big happy family…

I’m glad I have many nice awesome cool friends since in high school..

I’m glad I always stay with very nice + fun housemates since I was in UMS till now..

I’m glad I have nice buddies for vacation, road trip, adventures holiday.. you know who u are! (wait for ……!)

I’m glad my studies went well since in UMS and is going quite well now..hope till I finish my master, and phD?, I suppose.

I’m glad of many things in my life, I should feel glad of everything that I’ve had..

and yesterday…I’ve got such a great huge present form PTPTN! heheee 😀 Alhamdulillah…

THANKS to ALL for being part of my life!!

1 of my favourite nasyeed:


yesterday is my super duper good day.. and it is legend for me…

but today is not-so-good day and I don’t know why

im hungry and im moody now

why im telling this to the world?

who cares~